My Favorite: YouTubers

I used to hate YouTube. Okay, I didn’t hate it, but if I could avoid watching videos, I did. It just felt like such a waste of time that could be spent doing nothing who knows what. Slowly I started using it more to watch music videos, and then when I started wanting to do more DIY stuff (thanks, Pinterest), Google would always suggest a few video tutorials. Slowly but surely, I started relying on YouTubers to have already done the project I wanted to do and take me through it, step-by-step. I am an extremely visual learner, so if there’s a YouTube tutorial for it, I can figure it out. That has become my DIY life motto. Just ask my husband.

I don’t just follow DIYers on YT, though. More often than not, one video leads to another and I find myself on a fashion page, or a makeup page (another new YT obsession of mine) and get all kinds of caught up in it. I even follow some VLOG channels!

Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are my favorite YouTube channels:

Annika Victoria
First thing you need to know about Annika is that she’s adorable. She’s Australian so she’s fun to listen to (yes, Americans are generally that easy to amuse), but more than that, she’s BRILLIANT! I can honestly say she taught me how to sew. She does loads of fun videos and interesting tutorials and I love that she’s totally honest about messing up and how long it actually takes her to make projects. It helps keep things realistic. I have watched almost every one of her videos (definitely all of her sewing videos), and I get giddy when I see that she’s uploaded a new video. She’s also got a super rad blog called The Pineneedle Collective that you should totally check out.

Remi Cruz
Remi has two channels. MissRemiAshten and RemLife. I follow both. RemLife is her vlog channel which is really what got me to watching vlogs, and MissRemiAshten is her “beauty channel” where she posts all sorts of DIY’s, hauls lookbooks, room tours, etc. If you don’t follow Remi and you like silly and creative, you should be following her. I get such inspiration from her, and I legit would love to be friends with her. I imagine us walking around Target and baking and listening to Taylor Swift all day. HAHA!

Nabela Noor
Nabela has been on YouTube for a few years, but I just found her a few months ago. First off, let’s state the obvious; she’s absolutely GORGEOUS. She does awesome makeup tutorials (it’s because of her that I am now obsessed with L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara) and has really cute DIY’s and room decor ideas. Plus she’s just such a bright spirit and super inspirational. And she and her husband are adorable.

DIYersThese ladies do much more than just DIY, but other than the previously mentioned YTers, these ladies are who I go to the most for DIY projects and room decor. In the order that they’re pictured, I have Hayley Williams, Hermione Chantal, Jill Cimorelli, LaurDIY, and Tana Smith. They’re all super trendy and really cute, and I love their on-screen personalities and style.

 think it goes without saying that I follow others for this same reason, but I go to these ladies specifically for makeup and fashion. Most of the world knows dope2111 (left) as the incredible transforming lady. She does incredible transformations of celebrities and fictional characters that have gotten her all sorts of notoriety, but she’s also good at regular makeup, not to mention gorgeous. And she and her husband, Steve, are hilarious. A lot of people also know Ingrid Nilsen (center) from her recent coming out video, but she’s been around for quite some time. She’s got a great (and ever evolving) fashion sense, and she’s such a ray of sunshine and absolutely adorable. Tess Christine (right) just moved to NYC and it looks great on her. She does some really awesome Get the Look videos (sometimes Get the Look for LESS) where she tries to recreate celebrity looks, including makeup and hair. Love her new urban look!

I follow lots of other YouTubers, and if you want to keep up to date on my YT activity, you can follow me here. I’ve posted literally one video 5 years ago, and I don’t know that I’ll be posting any others, but you can see who else I follow and videos that I favorite, etc. If you have any suggestions for YouTubers to follow, feel free to leave a comment!


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