Latte Lover: The Pearl Cup

Welcome to the new feature on my new blog: “Latte Lover”. In this section, I will review coffee shops in the area and tell you all about my experiences. Also, if there’s a shop in this area (DFW and surrounding communities) that you love, feel free to leave the suggestion in a comment along with your favorite treat and I’ll add it to my list of shops to visit!

In case some of you didn’t already know… I LOVE COFFEE! I am game to try it almost any way, as long as it’s tasty. I’m not the biggest fan of black coffee, but I’ll drink it if necessary (and yes, there are times when it is necessary). My main stipulation is that the beans aren’t over-roasted. There are few things worse than drinking coffee and it tasting like old cigarettes. Yuck! And don’t let this be a judge of my taste in coffee, but I’ve been a Starbucks card holder since 2013, and a gold card holder for about a year…

This brings me to my point: The Pearl Cup. The Pearl Cup is a little coffee shop in Richardson, TX near where I work. A former coworker had told me about a blog she was wanting to start where you reviews coffee shops around the DFW area and she said Pearl Cup was her favorite. I figured, since it was so close to work (and after reading Yelp reviews), I might as well pop in for a drink.

It’s a pretty interesting place when you first enter. You have to go around to the far right side to order which, if you’re new, could be a tad confusing. They have their whole menu written on the wall to the right of the cashier. Having read reviews I decided to go for the first thing on the menu; their house latte, The Pearl Latte. Okay, so here’s where it gets real. I LOVE the Pearl Latte. It’s my go-to favorite drink their ever. Cold caffeine, I’ve discovered, does nothing for me except get rid of my inevitable caffeine headaches, so if I want to get what my mother has called “coffee drunk”*, it has to be hot coffee. Even in the dog days of summer, my friends. That being said, I’ve tried the Pearl Latte iced and it was a tad of a letdown. The original hot P.L., though, is absolutely amazing. The recipe is a secret but they describe it as “a vanilla latte but better”, or “like vanilla ice cream melted into coffee”. The Pearl Latte is sweet and creamy and smooth and everything you could want in a latte. No bitterness, no overwhelming sweetness, not artificial flavors. It’s absolutely perfect. It’s apparently all in the milk.

As for the atmosphere and other beverages: it’s a nice open place. They have a cute patio. The seats are not meant for staying for long periods of time, but if you needed a place to keep you awake and studying, it’s good. They’re only open until 7:30, so no late-night coffee runs are possible. They DO sell ground coffee and loose-leaf teas. I’ve also had their frozen blended mocha (think mocha frap but WAY better) and it’s really good. Better than Starb in my opinion, and that’s saying a lot. I also found out they have a rewards system which makes my heart and wallet sooooo happy. I mean, if I’m going there anyway, I might as well get rewarded for it, right? Right! Just… don’t tell my husband.

Thanks for reading!

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