Fall Favorites: 2015 Edition

If you know me it all, it will come as no surprise to you that Autumn is my favorite season. I wish that it was cooler here in North Texas, but otherwise, I have zero complaints about this season. Between my birthday, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, autumn has so much going on in my household. I love the sights, sounds, smells, and buzz of excitement as everyone gets ready for the holidays. By October, my general household decor comes down, and the pumpkins go up. The pumpkin candles, however, are up since September 1st. My Fall Favorites list is comprised of things from household, to food and drink, to fashion and makeup. I like to keep things interesting.

Starbucks’ Toasted Graham Latte

Let’s be clear: I will always be first in line for the release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Call me what you will, but it is my number one. That being said, with the introduction of the newest fall drink, I absolutely LOVE the Toasted Graham Latte. On the sad side, it seems that all the Starbucks Cafes inside Super Target stores seem to be sold out of the drink and not planning on getting it anymore, which sucks because I love walking around Target with my Starbucks in hand. It seems to be in stand-alone Starbucks stores still, though, so we’re not out of luck yet. If you’re a fan of the creamy, nutty drinks, you’ll love this.

Grove Square Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino K Cups

I can’t be the only one to be disappointed to not find this in store, right?! I tried it a few weeks ago with one of my BFF’s and we both loved it. Apparently it has to be ordered on Amazon, so you better believe I will be ordering some come payday. It’s so creamy and yummy. It’s definitely instant coffee (think gas station cappuccino machines), but you can’t beat the warmth and simplicity of it. Plus, the pumpkin spice flavor isn’t too overwhelming.

Woodchuck Fall Harvest

fall harvest
Let me preface this by saying I’m not much of an alcohol drinker anymore. I had a pretty bad experience almost two years ago that messed me up pretty bad, so I can’t even smell tequila without dry-heaving. That being said, I pretty much love all Woodchuck Hard Ciders, especially all their seasonal flavors. And since fall is my favorite season, it would only make sense that their Fall Harvest flavor is my favorite as well. The bottle says, “Just Like Apple Pie” and they aren’t lying! It’s sweet and spicy and fruity; all things you expect in a hard cider, but just… BETTER! They just came out with a new, non-seasonal (hopefully) flavor called “Gumption” that is delicious, too.

Trader Joe’s Cranberry Apple Butter

cran-apple butter
Do you like apple butter? Do you like cranberries? If the answer is no to either, you won’t like this. I, however, LOVE both. My favorite way to eat this is on a pumpkin spice English muffin with a little bit of butter. I would really like to learn how to make this homemade, but until then, I will keep buying it from Trader Joe’s.

Oversized Sweatshirts

As I am typing this, I am wearing sweatpants and a size 3X Allen Americans ECHL Western Conference Finals sweatshirt that one of my BFF’s found on the clearance rack at the season opener Allen Americans game last Friday. I bought it because, 1. It was only $20, and 2. Have you been two rows up from the ice at a hockey game? It’s cold. Especially at the Allen Event Center where the whole arena is pretty small. Anyway, with the cold weather coming, and me having half-season tickets for the Americans, this sweatshirt (that I need to stop calling a hoodie since it doesn’t have a hood) is ridiculously perfect.

Torrid Boots

boots Collage
Okay, first; boots that fit my calves, even with jeans on. Second, the same style in both black and brown. Third, less than $70?! I bought them when Torrid was having their BOGO Half Off sale and I am so glad I did. I knew I wanted both pairs and was genuinely willing to pay full price for both of them. I am so in love with these I can’t even tell you guys. I’ve never owned a pair of boots before, so I’m rediscovering my whole wardrobe. Plus, I didn’t realize how perfect boots are when it’s rainy and wet out like it has been this whole past weekend.

Torrid Jeggings

jeggings Collage
I bought these when I bought the boots in the BOGO 1/2 off sale at Torrid. I didn’t have any intention on getting them, but I needed to try the boots on with some sort of pants and after I put them on, I did not want to take them off. They look so good! The only downside is that they have faux front pockets, and there are few things that irritate me as much as faux pockets on jeans. I can deal with it, though, because of how perfect they are in all other aspects.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in “Dig Fig”

This one isn’t actually one I own, but I NEED to buy. One of my BFF’s (I have a few) let me borrow this about a week or two ago and the color is gorgeous. It’s a perfect fall red without looking too vampy. I need to redo my nails, though, because they started to chip after about a week and I had to remove all the polish before I looked too crazy.

Bath and Body Works’ Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Candle

candle on
Every year I become obsessed with a different fall scent from B&BW. This year it’s Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow. It’s not new this year, but I guess they rebranded it this year and are trying to push it more. I’m okay with that, though, because I love it. It smells so warm and sweet and spicy. It’s the perfect combo of vanilla and pumpkin.

B&BW’s Sensual Amber

sensual amber
This is not a new Favorite this year. In fact, I first discovered this 7 years ago when my sister gave it to me in a mini pack for my 18th birthday. It will always remind me of my first tattoo and my trip to San Francisco, which I’m sure adds to its charm. I was so excited when I saw that B&BW brought this back that I stocked up on it. I will be so sad when it’s gone again, but I’m happy with what I’ve got for now. I also try not to use it too much so that it doesn’t lose its magic.

So there you have it. Those are my favorite things for autumn of 2015… so far. I may make another list next month if I have other things to add, but for now, this about covers it.

What are your fall favorites this year? Have they changed much from years past? Let me know in the comments!


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