2015 Year in Review and 2016 Goals

It’s that time of year! Can you believe we’re in the home-stretch of 2015, and about to welcome in 2016?! Where did this year go? It feels like I’ve done nothing, but when I look back on it, I actually accomplished quite a bit.

In February I went to Austin (you can read about that here and here). March was the North Texas Irish Festival and the 1-Mile Color Run. April was my best friend’s first play, Avenue Q. June was the Allen USA Celebration. August saw Sam as the Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods (another of her plays that I happily let take over my life) and brought us our wonderful furbaby, Pascal. September brought quite a few Stars pre-season games my way. October brought my first Allen Americans games as a season ticket holder (half-season, that is) and my first meeting as part of the Membership Council for my church (Community UU Church in Plano, TX in case anyone wants to know more). And here we are, four days before this whole year is just another chapter in history books, and those are just the major things I could think of off the top of my head. That doesn’t count the garments I made (a Dalek skirt for Sam in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, among others), the coffee shops I visited, the sleepovers with Kristin, and oh; starting this new blog!

My resolutions for this year didn’t get accomplished in the way that I expected them to, but I did work towards them. I sewed and created, I traveled, and I made a massive effort towards becoming a healthier me. That bring us to my resolutions for 2016. While I do have things I’d like to accomplish, I think the main focuses can be summed up by saying I want to continue working on my health (both physically and mentally) and getting our finances in order. There are also other things, like making our apartment a real home (after 3 years, I think it’s time), and getting my art room/studio/office in order, that I really am going to buckle down and focus on. I’m excited. This time of year always excites me, but I really feel like this new year is coming with a clear mind and lots of breaths of fresh air.

My wish for you all is that you have clarity, peace, joy, love, and faith. With those things, you can get through damn near anything.


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