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My Favorite Places: Into My Garden Tea Room

Background info: Into My Garden Tea Room (IMG, from here on out) has been around for something around 13 years in Historic Downtown Plano, Texas. A little over a year ago, the building they were in got sold, and they had to move about 1.5 miles away. Just recently (a month ago), they had the soft opening of their restaurant and are open Wednesday-Sunday, 11AM-5PM.

In my sophomore year of high school, we had to write a paper about our favorite place. I wrote about IMG (and it won an award, I might add). Since then, a lot has changed, both at the restaurant, and in my life. Luckily, though, with the exception of changing locations, IMG has stayed the same.

Let’s start by talking about the decor and ambiance. It’s probably exactly what you imagine when you picture a tea room. The walls are a gorgeous turquoise/aquamarine, there are gorgeous pastel chandeliers all over the place, and the tables, with their mismatched cloths and chairs, all coordinate in a way that you know it was deliberate. There are high ceilings, wood floors, and pretty lace drapes on most of the windows.

Next up, the menu. They offer lunch, afternoon tea, and an array of tea party options. You can just show up for lunch and they’ll find room for you, but reservations are always welcome (and required on literally anything other than lunch). The food is all handmade and so fresh and delicious. I always get the sampler which is quiche, soup du jour, New Orleans pasta salad, chicken salad, and a little muffin and it’s so ridiculously filling and OMG delectable. They also have sandwiches and chips for pickier eaters, and make sure you do NOT skip on dessert if you can help it. For the month of April, they’re doing a Passion Fruit Mousse which I just had today, actually, and it’s so light and fruity and creamy without being overpowering. The dessert of the month is something new they’re trying, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, you can never go wrong with the Incredibly Delicious Chocolate Cake. Yes, that’s the actual name, and yes, it IS incredibly delicious. You can do A Royal Tea all the way down to a Children’s Tea. Unfortunately I was never young enough to do a tea party, but in the years I’ve been going to IMG, I’ve seen so many cute tea parties and they seriously pull out all the stops to make it perfect. Also, I am NOT a tea person, but they have some seriously good stuff that even I will drink. Their tea selection is incredible. And that’s REALLY saying something coming from me; right, Mom?

They also do catering and have special fun holiday events and they’re just all around incredible. The owners are Jennifer and JJ, and they are some of the most attentive, accommodating, sweetest women you’ll ever meet and they make every effort to remember everyone that walks through the door. Since the soft opening a month ago, I’ve been four times (including my sister’s bridal shower) and the only thing I ever regret is how full I am from gorging myself on all the amazing food.

If you’re ever in the North Texas/DFW/Collin County area, make sure you check out Into My Garden Tea Room. I promise you will not regret it. If you want more information, you can visit their website or their Facebook page, and if you visit, be sure to tell them that Angel sent you.


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