Wardrobe Overhaul: Spring/Summer ’16

How many times have you looked in your closet and thought, “I have NOTHING TO WEAR!” I would venture to say that you more than likely DO have plenty to wear, but nothing that is particularly appealing at that moment for one reason or another.

I have that problem constantly lately, and one look at my “Things to Wear” Pinterest board told me why. I have, what I like to consider, great style. I can look at almost any piece and find something attractive in it or tell you how to accessorize to make it wearable. I have friends that want me to come shopping for with them so that I can redo their wardrobe. I am just ready for my inner style to match my outer appearance. As I looked through my board, I noticed some trends and similar outfits. I also noticed elements of outfits that, though each look might have gone a completely different direction, were the same in either type, texture, or whole item in general. Because of these similarities, I have compiled a list (with pictures) of key pieces that resonate throughout many of the looks I’ve pinned. It’s become a shopping guide, if you will. Let’s get to it!


I have been obsessing for a while over kimonos. My general everyday look is super casual, but I know that something as simple as a kimono can make a huge difference. I have been having a hard time finding one that fits into my budget that I really like, so the hunt continues. I’ve also been considering making one.

Bold, Full Skirts

It’s so easy to dress a casual outfit up with just a simple, bold skirt. I generally prefer ones to go to my knees because they ride up when I sit, and I’m not exactly the most graceful person ever. I can make these pretty easily, which means I actually need to do it. They don’t just have to be circle skirts, either. They can be pleated, or gathered.

Plain, Blush (Light Pink) Top

If you know me at all (and couldn’t tell by my blog colors), I LOVE pink. It’s my favorite color and if Shane would let me have everything in pink, I would. I definitely need to own at least one cute, simple top in this color as it really goes with most everything in my wardrobe, present and future.

Light Wash Jeans

Why is it so hard for a plus size woman to find nice-fitting denim that’s not dark or so light that it looks dirty? I just want a nice, casual, light-wash pair of skinny jeans (see also jeggings if they’re from Torrid) that I can wear everyday.

White Jeans

And while we’re on the subject, why is white so hard to find? I have a pair from years back that I’m not particularly fond of because of the ankle width, the low-rise, and the fact that their way too big. Basically if Torrid just made their jeggings (which actually are a denim with wonderful stretch) in every color I could imagine but for about $20 less, I would be them all.

White Lace Top

Honestly, I feel like few things convey Spring/Summer better than white lace. It’s so airy and dainty and elegant and can be dressed up or down as simply as changing your bottoms! I know white shirts aren’t for everyone, and they do make me very nervous most of the time, but I really feel like it would be the easiest way to transition any Fall or Winter piece to Spring.

Cute Flats

When I’m not wearing my one pair of crazy comfortable (but not super cute) sandals that I got recently from Target, I am wearing my TOMS. Unfortunately this means a few things: 1. My feet get hot and sweaty, 2. I get that terrible TOMS tan line, 3. They’re already getting super worn out, and 4. They don’t go with a whole lot of “cute” outfits. Not to say that I don’t absolutely love my TOMS; I wouldn’t have spent so much on them if I didn’t. I just need more of a variety of cute flats for more occasions and to stop pretending that I will ever enjoy wearing heels.

Black and White Striped Top

Good news! I actually just bought one of these at Target recently! I wish it was a scoop neck and the neckline was a little higher, but I am so excited about it because I’ve been wanting one for ages! I still wanted to include it in this list because it was one of my items that I just HAPPENED to finally get recently.


Here are some looks that didn’t fit into any particular one of those categories, but that I felt needed to be added.

As I mentioned before, you’ll notice that a lot of the picture in the different categories could easily transfer to another category; it was kind of my point. If I were to buy one version of each item on this list, I could mix and match them and have the beginnings of my very own Pinterest-worthy wardrobe. Also something I noticed, most of the outfits on here are styled by Alexa Webb whose blog, even if you’re not plus size, is droolworthy.

If you like these fashion posts (like I used to do on my old blog that was dedicated to fashion) let me know so I can come up with more ideas. I have missed it. Also, let me know what styles you’re seriously loving from your own Pinterest boards.


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Overhaul: Spring/Summer ’16”

  1. Ohhhh! I just saw a girl wearing the CUTEST kimono top Sunday and I was wondering if that was something I could pull off. Also, light wash jeans?!?!?! I havent worn those in a decade. Please come visit me and fix my closet. Thanks.


    1. Yes!! I’m obsessed with kimonos! Anyone can pull them off. And the light wash jeans; I had some from Target but they’re about to totally succumb to chub rub. Plus they’re too stretched out and fit weird.


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