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Craft Room Re-Do Pt. 1

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not a dirty person. Messy and relatively unorganized (at home; not at work)? Yes. I have a very hard time prioritizing things at home. That’s something that some people would probably find surprising; others, not so much.

I have plans for my craft/sewing room/office. I want to make it neat, organized, functional, and chic. Hell, I’ve got an entire Pinterest board

dedicated to it! A little backstory on this room, though. We moved into this apartment about three years ago and I knew immediately that it would serve as my craft room. It was also supposed to serve as a guest room, but that idea went out the window when the only regular guest we had was my niece, and she preferred to sleep on the couch in the living room. With me needing more space as my creative needs changed, and the acquisition of a bigger, better couch (a sectional, actually) I got the go-ahead from Shane to make it my fully-dedicated creating space. I do realize how lucky I am, and absolutely do not take this space for granted.

In case it hasn’t already been made apparent, I am in love with Kate Spade New York. I love the juxtaposition of the grand baroque style mixed with streamlined, clean-edge, quirky style. I feel like it’s really a mixture of my interests. Plus, Shane loves that I can get into the more modern/minimalist style since that’s totally his taste.


Current Situation:

Panoramic shot of the whole room from the door

Here it is in all its cluttered glory. As you can see, it’s sort of a mish-mosh of things and furniture. That white dresser to the left was a piece from our previous next-door neighbors when they moved out. I got it when I got the bed that used to be in the room. My desks (yes, there are two of them) used to be in the corner with the window, but I got really paranoid that people could see me from the stairs/the front porch, so I moved it. I plan on getting curtains put up, but I plan on doing a lot of things that haven’t quite panned out yet. That small white set of drawers behind the chair is a new addition purchased for me by Aerial; it’s going to go under my desk when I get a new work desk.

I’ve had that little black plastic drawer/organizer for awhile (I honestly don’t even remember when/where it’s from) and it’s housed everything from clothes to art supplies to who knows what in between. Yes, I know I have a wrapping paper problem. I just find cute paper and the crafter in me can’t help but think of all the cute stuff I could do with it. As for the top of the white dresser; I try to organize and reorganize this area often but I can’t bring myself to throw any of the stuff away, but it also doesn’t really have a home.

Across the room, you can see the Big Blue Chair covered with junk. It’s become THAT chair. The brown dresser next to it came from Shane’s parents house when we got our very first apartment. The blue bin next to it has a bunch of miscellaneous holiday crap that I always forget about until I open it up again.

Lastly, there’s my desk area. I have two desks that used to connect together with a corner piece before Shane dropped it out of the back of the moving truck when we were moving to our current apartment. I finally got a printer back in December with a handful of Target gift cards. I’m honestly trying to get rid of the desks as soon as possible, but it’s going to have to wait until I get my sewing table first. That takes priority.

I do have a few things on the to-do list. As I mentioned before, I want to get a sewing desk, but in order to do that, I have to evict Mom’s Big Blue Chair. I also need to get the box of things to be donated out of there, and go through the closet (which you didn’t see; we’re saving that for a later post). It’s honestly a bit overwhelming, but it’s got to be done. I need a functional creative work space.

So, tell me; do you have any suggestions on ways to tackle it all? Have your own craft room that you want to show off? I’d love to see it and to take any and all advice I can get.


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