There’s No Right Way to Be a Woman

What does that even mean? Who’s ever said, “You’re womaning wrong”? It sounds so silly when you put it like that, and yet, that’s exactly what women get from every area of their life every day of their life. Women are told how they should and shouldn’t act. Women are told that their opinions don’t matter as much as someone else’s. And the worst isn’t when it’s coming from the opposite sex; it’s when it comes from their own.

In this new wave of feminism, it gets so easy to get lost in what feminism is and isn’t and what it means to be a “strong, independent woman”. While we’re being told to sit down, be quiet, and cover up on one end, we’re also being told to bare it all, be loud, and fight on the other.

I’ve been told by a friend that she doesn’t consider herself a feminist because the only example she’s seen of one is another woman criticizing her for wearing makeup and heels. People genuinely believe that the best way to “fight the patriarchy” and be a feminist is by criticizing a woman for the way she dresses, how she styles her hair, or what she’s doing on a Saturday night.

17rt30Let me just tell you; there’s no right way to be a woman. You don’t have to have your hair and makeup done all the time, eat “politely”, or keep up a certain social calendar. You also don’t have to wear “revealing” clothes (whatever that means to you), curse like a sailor, or drink beer. You don’t have to do or be any of those things; or, hell, you can do/be ALL of them! Womanhood, as beautiful as it is, is not bound by a strict set of guidelines brought forth by the secret council of women for women everywhere. It doesn’t work like that.

Womanhood is what you make it. How you express your femininity is for you to decide and the only thing we need to be doing when we talk to or look at other women is encouraging them, building them up, and standing with them; hand-in-hand.

“Other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them.”

Feminism is not the “She-Woman Man-Hating Club”. Feminism is the belief in the “social, economical, and political equality of the sexes.”


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