How to Not Be an Asshole this Halloween

That’s a pretty blunt title, huh? The truth is, I’m tired of seeing so many posts circulating on Facebook and other social media telling people what kinds of costumes they should and shouldn’t wear based on their body-type or skin color.

Here’s the deal, Halloween is supposed to be fun. And not just fun for those that look a certain way in a costume. If a fat girl wants to be Harley Quinn, it’s not your business to tell her she shouldn’t be. Why do you care? Because she’s fat? Does it bother you or make you uncomfortable? Get over it. She wasn’t thinking about you when she put on that badass costume. Does it gross you out to see a fat person existing? Get. The. Fuck. Over. It. Your brainwashed views on what is and isn’t attractive does not mean you get to tell someone how they should or shouldn’t dress.

Next order of business: cultural appropriation and racially insensitive costumes. I’m so tired of reading about how “sensitive” we’ve gotten as a society. The thing is, reducing an entire group of people down to a stereotype has always been inappropriate, but few people have had the platform on which to stand to call it out. This also goes for dressing as a character and putting on “black face”. A character is not a skin color. The skin color of the actor who plays that character is not part of the costume. Here’s a link on the origins and history of the abhorrent practice so you might better understand why it’s a bad idea. 

And the last point I really want to drive home this year is slut-shaming. Remember the famous line from Mean Girls, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” The feminist in me is conflicted on Halloween for this reason. On the one hand, why do we need hyper-sexualized cops and nuns, but on the other hand, if a woman wants to bare it all on Halloween, why shouldn’t she? Ultimately, if you don’t want to be a sexed-up version of an otherwise “innocent” character, don’t be, but don’t give the girl who does shot.

No body-shaming, cultural appropriation/racially insensitive costumes, or slut-shaming. That’s it. That’s how you avoid being an asshole on Halloween as an adult. It’s not hard to mind your own business. Have fun, eat candy, drink responsibly, and don’t be a dick. The end.



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