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No, I Will Not Wait Until After Thanksgiving

From September to New Year’s Day, I am at my happiest. An entire third of the whole year I’m happier than I am the rest of the year. Why? Because Autumn begins, the weather gets cooler, football and hockey come back, and it’s the beginning of the holiday season! Being born the two days before Halloween has me dubbed a “Halloween Baby” and I love it. I love everything about Halloween. Anyone who knows me knows that. And the only thing I love more than Halloween, is Christmas. I can honestly say that I love the entirety of the Christmas season MORE than I love the one day. Because of that, I extend my holiday festivities to two months instead of just one (or less than that if Thanksgiving falls later than November 24th).

Christmas is expensive and labor intensive. And I’m not even talking about gifts. I have an ever-growing collection of Christmas decorations and, as a crafter, I’m always making new things. I’m not going to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to do all that work, just to take it down in a month. And with the time it takes to get crafts done, I have to start at the beginning of November in order to get crafts done at or just after Thanksgiving. Ask any crafter (whether they’re making crafts for themselves or to sell, and especially if they’re making gifts).

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making all the things and doing all the decorating. I enjoy getting glitter everywhere and untangling strings of lights, because it’s happy work. It means the sounds of joy and love and peace are in the air. That’s what Christmas¬† is all about. Whether or not you’re religious, Christmas is a time to be with friends and family. It’s about loving one another and celebrating peace on earth and being happy. It doesn’t even have to include presents or feasts or even a tree. It just means that, for just a little while, we can forget all the problems we are facing, and just focus on helping and loving one another. How beautiful is that?

I get that Christmas music annoys some people (though I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why), but if I’m listening to it in my car or my own home, why does that matter to you? Why does it bother you so much? There was a lady standing in line in front of my at Michaels a few weeks ago and she commented on how the Christmas music playing just “wasn’t right” because it was being played before Thanksgiving and was trying to get me to agree with her. I politely smiled and gave a little chuckle when I told her, “Oh, I love it! It’s my favorite!” Sorry, lady, but you’re not going to get any holiday music bashing from me after Halloween. As a side note, Michaels actually does a pretty good job of mixing the Christmas songs with their regular playlist so Scrooges aren’t inundated with all the holly jolly that takes place at craft stores. I left out the fact, to the lady, that I had my Christmas CD’s in my car playing since the morning of November 1st.

Christmas is a season. There’s a reason it’s called Christmastime or referred to as The Christmas Season. As much as I love Thanksgiving (and I do, a LOT), it’s just one day. There are no Thanksgiving carols. People don’t drive around to look at Thanksgiving lights or decorations. And not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving! Some people have a problem with its troubled history. A good amount of people aren’t American and either celebrate Thanksgiving another month (October in Canada) or don’t even have such a holiday.

Long-winded, but necessary. Christmas is my favorite holiday season. That’s obvious. It makes me happy, which makes everyone around me happy. If I’m doing my own thing, decorating my apartment, listening to my Christmas music with a heart full of love, joy, and peace, why is that a bad thing? If you want to wait until after Thanksgiving to start celebrating, that’s your choice, but don’t get annoyed because everyone does agree with that. I don’t get mad at people for not celebrating Christmas when and how I do, so leave me alone. If you don’t like my decorations, don’t look at them. Don’t come to my apartment or ride in my car where things are festive. If it bothers you so much, you should probably stay at home and away from anything that can connect you to the outside world until Friday, November 25th. And I honestly don’t care if you’re joking when you tell me, “But it’s not even Thanksgiving yet” because after years of hearing that multiple times a year, it becomes more than just a jab or just poking fun. It becomes enough of frustration and problem that I feel it necessary to dedicate an entire blog post to it.

So next time someone posts about celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, and you don’t like it or agree with it, just skip to the next post on your feed. Don’t comment or react, just move on.

With love, peace, and joy,

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