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Very Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you’re feeling the crunch that comes with the last week before Christmas, you’re not alone. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how much I say I will get my shopping done early, I always end up trying to finish everything the week of. Whatever. I’ve always been a procrastinator. It’s who I am. Stop trying to change me.

I’ve got some easy, last-minute gift ideas that they’ll actually enjoy.

Movie Night In

Got the movies from Movie Trading Company

I actually just did this for my nieces and nephews. I bought them all a DVD I know they’ll like, and packaged it with a bag of microwave popcorn and a packet of hot chocolate. They range in age from 3-13, and honestly it was the easiest way to go. But you could do it for an adult, too. Maybe throw in some theater candy, a miniature adult beverage to mix into their cocoa, and/or a fuzzy pair of socks. Boom. Done.

Gift Cards

Pearl Cup Coffee | Richardson, TX

I know this always seems so impersonal and cold, but it doesn’t have to be. Maybe they’re a coffee fanatic; get a gift card to your favorite local coffee shop. You could write a note explaining why you love it, and even making recommendations. Maybe they’ve been wanting to start cake decorating classes; get them a gift card to a craft store that offers those classes for the exact amount of tuition. Again, write them a note telling them what it’s for, and offering to let them test their skills on a cake for you. đŸ˜‰ Gift cards don’t have to be cold and impersonal, as long as you’re putting thought into it. Writing a note explaining the card helps, too.

Subscription Renewal

Photo via Google Images


Maybe they’re the Binge Queen/King on Netflix. Maybe they love keeping up with their favorite network shows on Hulu. Maybe they have a kickass workout playlist on Spotify. Whatever service they’re subscribing to and paying for, I can guarantee that a renewal would make a great gift. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t really think about when my payments come out of my account each month until I look to see how much I have and it feels like it all mysteriously disappeared. Even a month or two subscription renewal is a nice financial reprieve.

Fandom Merch

Photo via Google Images

Being a nerd is in, you guys. No, seriously, what all the people complaining how “mainstream” Hot Topic is these days fail to remember is that it’s pretty much along the same lines as it was before, but being into “nerdy” things is actually pretty normal now. Luckily, though, you don’t have to trudge to your nearest mall to go to Hot Topic or Spencers (though they’re both still fun places and good options) to get your fandom fix. If your recipient is into the Wizarding World, Pokemon, or superheroes, Target has you covered. Hell, even Walmart is upping their fandom game. Or if you have a local comic and games store nearby, they probably have some great stuff, too. P.S. Shoutout to Madness Games & Comics in Plano, TX for being a super rad place for nerds to exist in my area.

Coffee and Tea

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People seem to be pretty divided on the whole coffee vs. tea debate. I personally am anti-tea, but I always have been, even when I was anti-coffee. Either way, a cute and easy idea for your coffee or tea lovers, might be a mug, and a bag of your favorite coffee or a box of your favorite tea. Including a note telling them a little about it is a nice personal touch, too. Also, travel mugs are ALWAYS a good idea.

Event Tickets

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They really don’t have to be expensive (though the Coldplay tickets for their Houston show are…). If they have a favorite sports team or a favorite band or singer, getting them tickets is such an exciting gift. I love our local ECHL hockey team, Allen Americans, and actually got half-season tickets last season, but decided not to renew this year and I’ve really been missing it. Buying tickets means you know they’ll love it, AND they’ve got you to credit for the memories that will be made, even if you decide not to go with them. And yes, that’s a thing, too. I bought Shane tickets to see Bullet for My Valentine when they were in town a few years ago for our anniversary, and I all but begged him not to make me go. LOL!


Photo via Google Images

Yes, a blanket. There can never be too many blankets. And there are so many things to do with them (blanket fort, anyone?), not to mention, it’s the perfect time of year for all things warm and cozy. Throw in some hot chocolate and a Redbox rental code, and it’s a nice cozy night in!


Photo via Google Images

Honestly, I think we could all use a “Be more organized” resolution for the new year. I definitely could. Planners are a great way to help make that happen for someone AND they’re super cute these days. Plus, Michaels is always having a sale or has a coupon you can use on their planners. Not to mention all the ones you can find elsewhere. Erin Condren, anyone?

Board/Card Games

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This is another of those “Memory Makers” about which I was talking. It can make for a fun night in for a family, a drinking game for the grownups, or it can turn into an all out hysterical laugh session full of innuendos and inappropriate content. Two of my favorite games are Smart Ass (gotta have an outlet for all this useless trivia), and Cards Against Humanity. Those are best played in adult company and it does get pretty wild. Other classics are Sorry (my fav), Scattergories, and Life. Just try to keep your audience in mind.

Just remember, though, that as you’re out and about doing your last minute shopping to be nice to retail workers. It’s not their fault that you waited until the last minute to shop. And if they weren’t there working, you’d be S.O.L. They’re people, too, with families and friends and lives outside of the establishment who are doing a job no different or less important than yours. Plus, it’s the holiday season. Have a little more compassion than usual.


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