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My Workout Routine

I don’t have one. “What? What’s the point in making a blog post about it, then?” you’re probably wondering. I know, it seems silly to have a post titled “My Workout Routine” when I don’t even have something I can write down for you, but stay with me.

I don’t go to the gym every day or have specific days set aside for working out, so it makes having a set day for things kind of difficult. Now obviously I could remedy that by just sticking to a schedule, but that takes some spontaneity out of my life, and I lead an obviously exciting life. (*sarcasm font*) Regardless, because of such a sporadic fitness regimen, I generally don’t subscribe to a schedule. That being said, I generally make it a point to know what workout I’m doing/what muscle groups I’m working before I go into the weight room.

Even if you’re like me and don’t have a set schedule, it’s always a good idea to know what workout you’re doing that day, or what muscle group you’re working, or you run the risk of getting into the gym and wandering around aimlessly for however long you’re there. You don’t really get a good workout in, and you either don’t stay long enough, or you stay too long.

But what if you don’t know any good workouts? What if you use the same machine every time and you’re bored? What if you don’t actually go to the gym and you’re tired of just walking for exercise? I’ve got you covered, fam. The workouts I post are not ones that I have created myself, but rather, ones that I have gotten from YouTube videos, Pinterest posts, or Google searches. Like I briefly mentioned in my last post, I am currently looking into personal training certification programs, so I like to know why certain workouts are recommended, what muscles groups they use, and how that can help your overall health. I generally stay away from workouts that just claim to “give you a better butt” or “melt away belly fat” without telling you how or what you’re actually doing to back up those claims.

Body Weight Cardio

I’ve taken the liberty of writing down the beginner versions of each of the workouts mentioned in this video here so you don’t get overwhelmed and so you have a starting point. I actually love all the videos Julie and Morit did together because I love how Morit explains everything and why you’re doing it, and I love Julie’s enthusiasm.

Body Weight Strength Circuit

Here’s another one with Morit and Julie that I love. The body weight exercises are really good for beginners because you’re not exerting too much too soon like you do when you add weights. Again, I have the beginner versions of each of these written down here so you don’t have to do it yourself. Honestly, all of the Livi Moves videos on Lane Bryant’s YouTube channel are fantastic for anybody; not just plus size women, and not just women!

Resistance Band Workout

This is an oldie with Ashley Graham, but it’s a goody. I feel like I get a pretty good total-body workout in, and all it requires is a resistance band! If you have one of your own at home, great, but if you need to use one from your gym, that works, too. I have this workout written down here that you can reference if your gym, like mine, doesn’t have Wi-Fi and you don’t want to/can’t use data to stream YouTube.

Those seem to be my go-to workouts when I don’t have any particular fitness goals for the day, and just want a really good workout. One of my favorite YouTubers (and favorite fitness YouTuber), Whitney Simmons always has really good workouts and she’s really good about explaining muscle groups and the reasons she combines muscle groups in her workouts. Plus, she’s super body positive and very supportive and uplifting. I also like to look for beginner yoga poses to practice when I know I’m not going anywhere, but need a good full-body stretch.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to look for modifications to certain workouts (like this beginner burpee mod), because one of the worst things to do when you’re just starting out, or getting back into working out is trying to do something that’s too hard, too soon. You run the risk of hurting yourself, and I know that if something is too hard for me, I have a tendency to put that workout off or not do it at all.

Some things to keep in mind/remember

Never stretch on cold muscles.
Think of a rubber band or silly putty; when it’s cold, it’s hard to stretch, and you run the risk of snapping it. When it’s warm, it’s pliable and stretchable. Muscles are very much the same. They need to be warmed up before they are stretched so you don’t risk strains or tears. Do a brisk, 5-minute warm-up walk on a treadmill or around the track, and then get your stretch in after.

It’s okay to take a rest day or two.
Honestly, it’s best to start slow and build up your endurance than to go all out in the beginning, only to burn yourself out. Making time for the gym, or even an at-home workout is super important, but it can be hard with such crazy schedules. Do what you can to start off with, and if you can do more, great!

Be nice to yourself!
You didn’t run as far as you did yesterday. You couldn’t do as many reps at the same weight as you did last week. You skipped 3 days this week at the gym. You didn’t lose any weight this week. You gained weight this week! *smh* Does that sound like you? Are those things for which you constantly kick yourself? STOP! No, seriously, quit it! You are a human being! You’re allowed to not be perfect! Stop comparing yourself to literally everyone else, and focus on making sure that you are in the right place physically AND mentally. That’s the only way you will ever see improvement. Besides, you are doing so much more than you were before, and so much more than if you just didn’t do anything! Practice positive self-talk. Remind yourself of all the amazing things you’ve accomplished. Stop comparing the current version of you to the potential future version of you, because you aren’t there yet. But you will be.

Identify your goals.
Believe it or not, not everyone’s goal at the gym is to lose weight. In fact, some people workout to gain weight. Shocking? It shouldn’t be. Some people are trying to gain muscle or inches, some people are trying to work on their cardiovascular health, some people are trying to get stronger, and some people are just trying to maintain where they already are. Regardless of your why, make sure you know what it is. Individual goals can stem from it, but be honest with yourself about what you expect to gain (or lose) from going to the gym.

Also, this video is always motivational for me:

I hope this helps. If you have any workouts you’d like me to try or that you just love, make sure to leave them in the comments. I’m always game to try something new. And let me know if you try any of the workouts I listed. I hope they work for you!


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