Is Your Body Summer Ready?

It’s officially summer, the heat is already beating down on us, and the pools have been open since Memorial Day. That begs the most obvious question: is your body summer ready?

Simple Answer: Is it summer? Do you have a body? Congratulations! Your body is summer ready!

Every year we are inundated with ways to make ourselves and our bodies “summer ready”: Get tight and toned! Get a tan! Cut your hair! Dye it blonde! Remove every last bit of hair from your body!

But why? Why do we do it? Why do we listen to it? Who are we getting ready for? And why are those the only ways to get your body ready for summer?

You know a fantastic way to get your body ready for summer? Water. Drink lots of it. Eat a ton of fruits and veggies. Wear sunscreen. Get lots of rest.

If you want to get tight and toned, get a tan, cut and dye your hair, and remove every last bit of hair from your body, do those things, too! There is no wrong way to get yourself summer ready. Except not drinking water. That’s a terrible idea any time of year.

But there are so many ways the media shames people about how they are expected to look during the summer, that it can be daunting to do something as simple and refreshing as getting in a pool. And honestly, that totally sucks! Everyone should be comfortable wearing a bathing suit and going for a nice refreshing swim. Unless you’re afraid of open water. Then don’t do that.

But if you’re pale-skinned, jiggly (we all are), fat, have loose skin, have skin imperfections, already “dark enough”, “too thin”, or are in any other way not the stereotypical media version of perfection, you are also valid and have just as much right as anyone else to enjoy summer as best as you see fit.

So, go out there, cool off in the pool or at the lake or on a beach or down a river, and don’t worry about anything except wearing sunscreen.


P.S. Another option for enjoying summer is skipping outdoors all together because it’s hot, you’re sweaty, and there are bugs. So. Many. Bugs. Plus, air conditioning is nice. But don’t do it because of what other people think. Do it because you prefer that option.

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