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Spring/Summer 2017 Favorites

As I sit here gorging myself on popcorn, and trying to cool off after taking the flat-lay picture of all this stuff outside, I’m reminded why I enjoy having a blog so much – I love to write! It’s seriously that simple. Even if no one read this blog, I still would keep writing on it and sharing my thoughts, because it’s who I am, and it’s a nice way to get it all out. I thought about making this post a video, but honestly, I don’t have the patience or equipment for that, so here’s lots of words for you to read. Or not.

Motivational Bottle
I recently joined Weight Watchers and follow a lot of WW and weight loss IG accounts, and this water bottle brand was particularly popular. My curiosity got the best of me so I bought one, and now I get it. They’ve all got a motivational quote on the front (hence the name of the company) and on the back, they have different time increments for drinking your water. I got the pink straw bottle, and I love that the straw part flips up and down so it’s not always open, and it’s so convenient. As silly as it sounds, I’m actually drinking more water now.

Boom Chicka Pop Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn
I have to start out by saying that I usually don’t like popcorn. I don’t even get it at the movies. I might pop myself a bag if I need a snack but am not particularly hungry, but rarely will you ever see me go to as a first resort. The only thing I hate more than regular popcorn is bagged popcorn on the shelf at the store. I hate the smell of it and it’s never crispy enough to make up for the fact that it’s not warm. But man do I love me some bagged kettle corn. This stuff is the perfect mixture of salty and sweet, and it’s so addicting!

Undersummers by Carrie Rae
When Lent rolled around, my non-Catholic self joked about giving up pants for Lent with the exception of work. As a fat girl, that’s sometimes a hard thing to do considering chub rub is a thing. But when I finally actually bought a pair of Undersummers, my life changed! Seriously, I could finally comfortably wear skirts! I love wearing maxi skirts now, because it’s like wearing a blanket around you all the time, but people compliment you and tell you that your outfit is cute. And don’t even get me started on the wonderment that is maxi dresses. The only thing better than wearing a blanket around your waist is not having to think about matching. Undersummers are my go-to until I get more tunics and start wearing them with leggings all the time.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara
I’ve been hearing this mascara compared to Too Faced Better than Sex mascara with the similar packaging, brush style, and even calling it a dupe for the more expensive one. I’ve never tried the Too Faced one, so I can’t comment on that aspect, but it’s absolutely one of my favorite mascaras I’ve tried, and that includes many in the L’Oreal brand. It’s not a wet mascara, which is good for me because it’s easier to put on and go. It adds length and volume. It’s not flaky. It’s soft to the touch when it dries, and it just makes my eyelashes feel luxurious.

Creme of Nature Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner with Argan Oil
I did my summer chop recently, and while Shaniece was doing my hair, she sprayed something in it. It smelled so freaking good and I kept thinking about it all day. Finally, as Kristin and I were (unsuccessfully) trying to find a good leave-in conditioner for me at Target, it dawned on me that Shaniece probably sprayed some in my hair that day. Long story short, she texted me a picture of the bottle and I found it at Target. As I said before, this stuff smells so good. Like, I wish it was a perfume so I could spray it all over myself. It also makes my hair so smooth and shiny and healthy feeling and looking. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, Shaniece!

Google Docs
This one might seem silly. Or not. Depends who you ask. Basically, I love the function of being able to write anything from anywhere on any device at any time. Sitting in my office, I can use my computer to work on a new story. When I get a sudden spark of genius while lying in bed, I can roll over, open Google Docs on my phone, and write whatever I need to. Walking through Target and get an idea for a blog post? Phone. Google Docs. Write. And then I can access it all when and where I need it!

Weight Watchers
I’ve decided to take a break from Weight Watchers recently, but I’m including it in the list simply for the fact that it had such an impact on my life these past few months. My love for WW, summed up, though, is the encouragement to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates while participating in as much physical activity as your body is able. I was doing WW online, which was a nice option to have considering my introversion, but I liked having the option. So even though I’m not doing it right now, I am still thankful that I took the time to try because I’ve learned some really valuable lessons from my time doing it, and it’s always something I might pick up again in the future.

Volkswagen Jetta
Okay, this is a pretty massive one. And it seems kind of ridiculous to me to add this to a blog post of favorites that includes popcorn. But I have to. In April, my husband surprised me with the keys to a new VW Jetta. Now, I am completely aware of how ridiculously blessed we are (not lucky; his hard work ethic and major ass kicking isn’t lucky) to be able to afford such thing. I also am aware that it’s something very few people get to experience in their life; a new car. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it on my list of favorites because it most certainly is a favorite of mine. It has nice cool features that a new car has like heated seats, a backup camera, and Bluetooth capabilities, but it also has functions that I haven’t had in a car ever that a lot of people take for granted. The ability to charge my phone while driving, for example. Or car windows that work 100% of the time. An A/C system that doesn’t overheat the car during the summer and stop working randomly (big problem when the windows don’t go down). Interior lights when I get in and out at night. Like I said; things that a lot of people take for granted.

Ideally, I would have liked to do two separate posts about my favorites from the seasons, but time has gotten away from me (holy shit, it’s already August) and this will have to suffice. There were a few other things I wanted to include in this post, like my PopSocket (because they’re hella useful) and Poshmark (I’ve made well over $50 just from the past month and a half of using it), but they didn’t make the cut because I forgot to add them into my featured image. If you want more details on either, comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Also, I’m pretty sure this is going to be my last summer post, because I’m over summer and if I do post again in August, it won’t be a seasonal post. So yeah, if you try any of these products or already like any of them, let me know in a comment below, and if you have any products you think I should try, tell me about them!


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