Let's Get Serious

Texans Against Transphobia

I am a white, (mostly) straight, female Texan, and I wholeheartedly oppose the proposed Senate Bill 6 — the ‘Bathroom Bill’.

I’ve lived in Texas for seventeen years. SEVENTEEN. That’s almost two decades and I’m only 26, so that means most of my life has been spent as a resident of Texas. I’ve voted in Texas, I’ve driven in Texas, I’ve paid plenty of taxes in Texas, and I’ve even been summoned for jury duty in Texas.

I would love to say I’m a proud Texan. I would love it so much. I would love to proudly wear a Texas ‘Home T’ or any of the cute shirts southern sorority girls wear with the running shorts and sandals. But I can’t. Not without feeling guilty or afraid that I’m misrepresenting myself as someone who doesn’t fully and passionately support equal rights for all people.

But let’s talk about this bathroom bill for a sec. So basically, people are saying that they’re afraid that, if a transgender person uses the restroom or locker room based on their gender identity, girls and women will get harassed or raped. Ignoring the fact that they’re not worried about boys or men, they’ve even gone as far as to coin the slogan, “Daughters Before Dollars” to show that they support the bill even if it (and it will) means it has a negative effect on our economy.

My first question is, if you’re so concerned about your daughters and wives being sexually assaulted, why do you let white college kids off on probation for raping a girl behind a dumpster that was passed out? Why did you elect a president that has proudly and openly boasted about sexually assaulting women?

Next question: if you’re so opposed to “big government” watching your every move or having their hand in every pot, how do you justify attempting — because there’s no real way to ensure that everyone using the restroom is doing so in compliance with the set of genitals they had when they were born — to legally keep someone from using a restroom? You don’t want them taking a little bit of extra money from your salary to help a homeless kid go to the doctor, but you sure as hell are all for making sure that man with the bald head, beard, and deep voice actually has a penis. Who’s volunteering for that patrol?

Here’s my last one: do you always approach subjects you don’t understand with such hate? I mean, there honestly can’t be any other justification, can there? Statistically, how many females have been assaulted in a restroom by another woman (either biologically or otherwise)? What about the number of trans women being assaulted in men’s’ restrooms? Yeah, way higher. But I mean, if it’s about the women and girls, we’re obviously doing something about sexual assaults on college campuses, right? And even just out on the street? Right?

Not understanding something is an opportunity for learning. It’s an opportunity for growth. If you don’t get how someone could be transgender, Google it. Talk to them. Ask them about their journey, because I guarantee it’s a hell of a lot more complicated and emotional than just deciding you feel like being a different gender one day. Besides, going to the restroom in public, or changing in a locker room is hard enough without having to hide your genitals from weirdos making sure you’re “in the right room”.

In peace and love,

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