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Why Are Selfies Vain?

I had a friend post a selfie (a picture of someone they took by themself, for those not in the know) a few months back and posted something in the caption about how it might be vain but it’s how she processes her own emotions, and it actually made me mad that she felt like she had to justify the picture. She had to call herself vain for taking and posting it before someone else did. And you know what? I wouldn’t have even considered the idea that it could be vain, had she not said that.

Seriously, fuck this person that said this, and everyone who thinks it.

But it did get me to wondering – why do we consider selfies vain? What is it about someone taking and sharing a picture of them on social media that we consider to be self-serving? Is it because we assume someone is only doing it for attention? Do we automatically assume that, if someone is posting a picture they like of their own face, they are conceited? Maybe they did a good job on their eyeliner. Maybe they like their outfit. Maybe, for the first time in months, they actually felt attractive and worth something. Maybe they wanted to prove to others and themselves that they’re still here.

So, what about those people that post selfies everyday? What about the ones whose entire Instagram account and Snapchat stories are filled with pictures of just them? Should we consider them cocky? Because clearly, it’s not just a once-in-a-while type deal.

Answer: NO!!!!

They are practicing self-love! They are confident enough or love themselves enough to say, “Hey world! I like how I look today and I don’t care what anyone else thinks!” Fuck yeah! Go, self-lover! You do you! Show me what your face looks like today! And tomorrow! And hell, I’ll go back two weeks on your feed and see how bomb you were looking then, too! Because in a society that tells us to be ourselves and embrace what makes us unique, but not TOO much of ourselves and not TOO unique or different, they still decided that their own brand of beauty and self love and care was good enough, and I think that’s beautiful and I think we can all take a page from that book of self-love.


Do it for you. Do it because you feel good about yourself. Do it because you feel bad about yourself but want to feel good. Do it because you like you and your friends love seeing your face and fuck what anyone else has to say.


Let’s end it with this cutie.

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