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Fall Wardrobe Wishlist

Fun fact – I love fall. I mean, I feel like you should already know that at this point, but in case you didn’t know, let me reiterate for you – I fucking love fall. So much so, that I started writing this blog post in July. What’s more is that I’ve already been looking for fall decor ideas and fall wardrobe ideas for about a month now. I even went through and divided my “Things to Wear” Pinterest board into three different boards – “Things to Wear”, “Things to Wear S/S” (Spring/Summer), and “Things to Wear A/W” (Autumn/Winter). It started because I wanted cute outfit ideas for summer clothes but didn’t want to look at fall outfits (lest I get angry that it’s hot as balls here in Texas). Have I said outfits enough yet? Regardless, here’s my fall wardrobe wishlist in no particular order (and yes, I’ve already started decorating my apartment for fall – fight me).

Boot Socks

They’re cute, they’re comfy, and they make all boots look cuter. Plus, they don’t actually have to be long; they have boot sock cuffs that you can wear at the top of your boots so it gives the illusion without warming you up too much in case it’s 80 degrees in early October because you live in North Texas. Oh wait, that’s me.

Chambray Shirt

I had a chambray shirt, but it’s way too big for me, so it doesn’t look good on me anymore. Now I’m selling it in my Poshmark closet (shameless plug, if anyone is interested). Anyway, chambray shirts are a nice step down in thickness from denim which is nice because it’s cooler and layers easier. Plus, it’s good for all seasons.

Pea Coat

Okay, but is there anything more iconic for fall fashion than a pea coat? No, there isn’t. Even if you thought of something else, you’re wrong. But yeah, I want a pea coat and I’ve wanted one for years. I have one my mom bought me years ago but it’s too small. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it, though, because it’s so nice. Plus, it’s grey and I really want a camel-colored one.

Brown Flats

Hi, yes. Brown flats. I know, it’s so simple and it seems like something I should already have, and yeah, actually it probably is. But I don’t. And honestly, how cute are these? Because as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes it’s too warm for boots but I refuse to wear anything that’s not autumnal once September starts. That means earthy colors even if it has to be a short-sleeve shirt and flats.

Ankle Boots

I still don’t think I fully understand how to wear these, but they go with almost everything, are a step up from flats but a step down from boots, and they’re perfect for fall in the south. Someone teach me how to make these cute, please? Because I’ll buy them whether I can do it or not.

Opaque Tights

Tights are the perfect thing to wear under cute fancy dresses and still keep you warm. Tights are good. Tights are cute.


Do you see that one in the middle with the tank and boots? Yeah, I imagine that she lives here in Dallas and is passionate, like me, about fall fashion so she is still going to force fall clothes on but is being reasonable about the temperature. Also, everyone else in this collage has cute scarves and it’s just another thing I don’t really know how to style, but I’ll be damned if I don’t learn this year.

Red/Maroon Pants

I used to have a pair of red ponte jeggings from Lane Bryant years ago (you can see them in some old outfit posts on my old blog, Cupcakes 4 Fashion), but they were too big for me then, so they’d be huge now. Anyway, I gave those away and have been wanting red or burgundy or maroon pants ever since. Torrid has some jeggings in different shades of red that I’m considering, just because I love their jeggings and I think they’d be perfect, but I feel like red pants are a perfect way to get out of wearing jeans and black pants all fall and winter.


Remember last year when I got that tunic from Torrid (it was in my fall favorites post) and I talked about the tunic/legging combo and I couldn’t figure out why I’d never tried it before? Yeah, so that’s still me, but now I found some pretty highly rated tunics on Amazon and i just want to buy them all and all the leggings and live the rest of my days in tunics and leggings.

So, there it is, friends; my list of all the cute fall trends I want to buy this year. I have another fall fashion post coming out soon. I hope you like Hilary Duff, because it’s literally just all her. Because I love her. ANd because she wears cute outfits. But yeah, that should be coming out soon and also, be prepared for all the fall posts because there will be a lot of them… because I fucking love fall.


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