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Living Room Fall Decor Tour

At this point, my feelings about the last 3rd of the year should be pretty well-known to anyone who knows me or follows me online. I’ve always loved it, but I really never thought about decorating for fall up until about six years ago.

I was always pretty limited on what I could do for seasonal decor because I lived at home with my parents until Shane and I got engaged, but I had decided that year that I would decorate my bedroom for fall. I didn’t really know how to do it, but I knew I wanted something, so I took it upon myself to spend hours drawing, tracing, cutting, and taping construction paper leaves, pumpkins, gourds, and acorns to my wall above my closet and bedroom doors. The end results were fabulous and they made me happy. Plus, I remember it being an exceptionally cool evening and opening my window while a fall movie was playing on Netflix in the background.

fall Collage

Ever since then, I’ve tried to do a little bit of fall decorating when I could, but it mostly just turned into me waiting until the end of September and I just skipped ahead and did Halloween decor.

This year, I went all out and put as much fall decor out as I could afford. Yes, Shane complained a bit, but it was mostly to in a tongue-in-cheek way. He could see how proud I was of my hard work and knew how happy it made me. I got creative with things I already had, and was inspired by a lot of the DIY videos I’ve saved over the years on YouTube.

Let’s get into this!

This is my front landing/foyer entrance. The the sign on the top came from a craft store (Michael’s? Hobby Lobby?) And the bottom one came from Cracker Barrel. On the opposite wall is a picture that I DIY’d. I traced some letters onto scrapbook paper and just taped it onto the back of the picture insert. I plan on getting poster board and using different seasonal scrapbook paper to spell out home.

Directly across from the entrance is this wall between our patio door and our bedroom door. I recently added this black shelf that I’ve had just sitting in my art room closet for years. Originally this wall was going to be a collage wall, but I wanted the shelf instead for more diversity. On top of the shelf, I pulled out this little jack-o-lantern bucket from my Halloween bins, put some leaf stems in it and threw the batter pack for the lights in it to hide it. The “Happy Fall, Y’all” sign is one I painted when we were in our last apartment and it’s just been pulled out with all the fall decor every year. It used to have some twine on it to hang it on the front door, but I took it off last year to hang it on the wall.

On top of the bookshelves, I covered it in some burlap that I’d had that my mom left here a few years ago when she moved out. I didn’t know what to do with it for the longest time, but I was inspired this year. You can also see this little tray with the pillar candles on it. I just wrapped them in burlap, twine, and fake leaves. Originally I got them so I could come up with ideas for our wedding centerpieces (we didn’t end up using them), but decided I didn’t want to just throw them out. The mason jar with the leaves and twine is a DIY I did last year. I hot-glued fake leaves to the jar, wrapped twine around it and it turned out adorable. I use a battery-operated tea light in it and it’s so cute. Finally, when I was cleaning off my bookshelf for these pictures, I moved the photo album next to Shane’s mangas and decided that was the perfect spot for our little plush pumpkin.



To the left of the bookshelves is our TV stand. I thought these adorable pumpkin mason jar lights from Target’s dollar section (from last year) would be cute there, but even better: they fit perfectly around the front and sides of it! The little pumpkin tray came in a two-pack from the dollar section this year and I’m using the other one as a spoon rest on my stove. Hiding behind the TV is my essential oil diffuser and various EO’s.

To the left of the TV (we’re just making a big circle) is our fireplace/mantel. I tried to zoom in on the banner and the garland above the pictures. I made the banner myself using some burlap that had a backing to it. Not sure what to call it, but it helped make it less cloth-like and much sturdier. I wrote the letters using a Sharpie oil-based paint pen and just hot glued a leaf to one of them. The garland above the pictures I got from Walmart for less than $10. It was pretty stiff, so it didn’t do quite what I wanted it to, but it seems to be pretty good quality, especially for the price. I hung up the orange LED lights underneath the mantel using some nails that were already there, and these Command hooks. I say it every year, but I really should be getting some sort of compensation for how much I advertise Command products. LOL! Seriously, though, they’re my favorite to use for decorating, especially an apartment, because it means no permanent markings or holes. The white pumpkins and metal jugs came from Michaels on sale earlier this season, and the florals in them came from various places over the years. Probably Walmart and Dollar Tree mostly. I’m not sure where my frenchie figurines came from, though, because my dad got them for me. Don’t mind the pumpkin buckets. I’ve got plans for those soon. I’ll post pics on Instagram when I’m done with them.



This cute little sign is hanging up by my coat closet door near the front entrance. I got it on clearance last year and forgot about it until I went through my stuff. This is why I love doing after-season shopping, because it’s like a surprise for myself when I open my bins again the next year!

Directly across from the fire place on the other side of the room is the passway/window/bar through to the kitchen. That’s usually our catch-all, but I love decorating it seasonally, so I adulted and cleaned it off. The garland came from Walmart, the lights I already had (I have so many freaking lights), the wreath above I made quickly to have something up there, and the personalized wood sign was a gift from Shane’s dad a few years ago. On the wall right next to it is a cool picture thing I got from Target dollar section last year. I thought about putting a scene behind it and changing it out throughout fall and winter. Not sure about that one yet. And lastly, around the corner is my Halloween countdown from Joann Fabrics a few years ago. After-season clearance, y’all!

I wanted to make some pillows and show you the couch and all that good stuff, but I wanted to get this post up more. And now, I can start getting Halloween stuff out! Even though it will only be halfway through September when this blog post goes up. And Shane likes to remind me of that. Whatevs. I do what I want.

Hope you enjoyed and I hope this inspired you!











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