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Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re like me, you have a hard time finding the right costume in the Halloween store. Not for lack of variety, but maybe for lack of proper sizing? Short of going to a plus size store that happens to have costumes (thank you, Torrid!!), I don’t even bother looking at costumes at halloween stores, because their sizing is wrong and the variety of costumes in my size is miniscule. But maybe you are the target size range and just want something more modest. Or maybe you just want to stand out. Whatever your reasoning for not buying your whole costume pre-packaged, I think you’ll be happy with some of these ideas.

I do feel the need to mention, though, that I absolutely love halloween stores. I have been known to frequent them at least ten times before halloween and sometimes even after to get things on sale for the next year. They’re also a great place to get accessories for your DIY’d costumes. Most places have licensed items that you can’t find as good generically and help to make your outfit more authentic.

I’ve been seeing this one as one of a certain Halloween store’s new costumes for 2017 and I thought it was not only super cute, but also super easy to DIY. If you can sew, you might want to sew this to make it last longer, but if you’re not super concerned about it, I’d just use craft glue. I’m assuming, if you’re taking to DIY your own costume, you have at least a few days to get this together. Hot glue is always an option in a hurry, but keep in mind it doesn’t hold up super well in the wash and won’t last long in the long run. In a pinch, though, it’s pretty handy. You could also paint the designs on if you wanted to go that route. Tulip has some pretty good fabric paints. I’ll include examples of both painting the design, and gluing fabric on the shirt.
If you want, to up the cute factor, a tutu in a matching color is always a fun idea, and you can wear leggings and black (or color matching) shoes. Face paint is optional, and matching lipstick is fun.

Wonder Woman

This is another one that you could just use a tee shirt for, if you wanted to. There are plenty of WW shirts floating around, thanks to the release of the movie earlier this year, and you’ll probably find a ton of WW costumes ready to buy, so if that sounds easier, do it. If, on the other hand, you’re like me, and rarely fit into pre-packaged costumes, or you just don’t want to wear the same exact thing everyone else is wearing, this is probably up your alley.

  • Option 1: Buy WW shirt
  • Option 2: Iron-on/glue WW logo to a shirt/tank top, etc.
  • Option 3: Paint WW logo on a shirt/tank top, etc.
  • To complete the costume, wear blue pants/leggings/skirt/shorts/tutu, red boots/socks/shoes, headband, and cuffs.

Kimmy Schmidt
I love this show. It’s so silly, lighthearted, and fun, and Kimmy is the perfect character to dress as (though, you could go as a group and be Titus, Jacqueline, and Lillian, or even be the girls in the bunker). This one is less DIY, though, and more piece-together. You could use this iconic pic as your inspiration, but if you’ve seen the show, you know that anything bold, loud, and bright will do. Her classic yellow cardi, floral shirt, and bright pink pants are a pretty easy way to be recognized, though. And don’t forget the sneakers!

Belcher Girls
Another of my favorite shows to sit and watch with the husband is Bob’s Burgers. It’s silly and hilarious and we can’t get enough of their antics. The best way to do this costume is in a group of people all dressed as characters from the show, but these ladies mostly stand well on their own, too.

  • Linda: Alriiight!! Linda is the most enthusiastic of the bunch. She’s always cheering on her kids and her husband. She’s a great right-hand woman in the restaurant, and her singing ability is… enthusiastic.
    Linda is almost always in her self-appointed work uniform. She’s got on her red shirt, blue paints, waist apron, yellow sneakers (probably Keds, if I had to guess), and you can’t forget her red cat-eye glasses. And that flippy bob she’s got. Linda is an icon. Linda is the ultimate mom.
  • Tina: Uuuuuuhhhhhh. Tina is a 13-year-old mess. She loves horses, butts, and zombie romance friend fiction. And Jimmy Junior.
    Tina is most frequently wearing a blue shirt, dark blue skirt, tube socks, and black sneakers (think Converse). You also can’t forget her thick, black-rimmed glasses, and her one hair clip.
  • Louise: Louise is the youngest of the Belchers, and also the genius mastermind behind most of the kids’ antics. Her true love is chaos and dominance, but while she doesn’t always understand her family (and they don’t understand her), she loves them anyway.
    Louise never goes anywhere without her beloved bunny ear hat. There was a whole episode about it. But if you aren’t feeling up for making one (pretty easy with a pink beanie, and some DIY bunny ears), you can find it at Hot Topic, Spencers, or Spirit Halloween. She is also always seen with her green dress and black buckle flats.

Holly Golightly
When people think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, even if they’ve never seen the movie, it’s so easy to picture the classic LBD, elegant top knot, sparkly jewelry, and those elegant black gloves. But she only wears that outfit for a part of the movie. The rest of the time, she’s in a variety of outfits both elegant and not. At one point, when she first meets Paul Varjak, she’s in an oversized white button down sleep shirt and the cutest eye mask, as seen here. She’s also wearing the fanciest ear plugs I’ve ever seen, but you could opt for tassel earrings instead. You know, so you can actually hear other people. Or, you know what? Ear plugs as part of the costume are a good excuse to just look cute and NOT have to talk to other people. Your choice. The mask is super easy to DIY, and while there may not be a ton of Hollys wherever you’re celebrating, this is a great way to stand out if there are. And the best part? No heels required!

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania
If you haven’t seen this cute movie, you should. It’s on my list of favorite Halloween movies. Mavis’ style is one of my favorite elements of her character. It’s basic while still being juvenile enough to be a “teenager” (she’s 118). All you’d need is a black wig (or black hair color spray if you have the right length hair), black dress, red and black striped tights, and black Converse. And you can’t forget the makeup! Smokey eyes, pale skin, black lips, and fangs! Bonus points if you can manage some pale blue contacts.

Damian from Mean Girls
Honestly, you could be any of the girls from Mean Girls, but I feel like that works best as a group costume (bonus points, though, if you dress up in their Halloween costumes instead of their often better-remembered all-pink), but this Damian costume is super easy. All you need is a blue hoodie and some big, dark, round sunglasses. If you want to carry the “She doesn’t even go here!” sign around all night, kudos to you!

Eleven from Stranger Things
Image result for eleven stranger things
Hey, guess what? Spirit Halloween has Stranger Things costumes! Pretty cool, huh? Know what’s not cool? They don’t have any of those costumes in plus size. Now, that’s pretty typical (as shitty as it is, but I’m not even going to go there right now), but the only character in that whole show who is plus size, Barb, doesn’t even have a plus size version of her costume. I know, right?! Luckily, thanks to Torrid’s ever expanding collection of Halloween costumes for those of us who don’t fall in the range of unusually small sized costumes, we can at least be Eleven. And don’t get me wrong, Eleven is badass, so it’s pretty rad that there’s a costume for her. If you don’t have blonde hair, you could always wear a wig, and don’t forget the knee socks and Cons. Bonus points if you can find the watch.

Happy Hippie
"Hippie Halloween costume #1" by tayloryost63 on Polyvore featuring Forever 21, STELLA McCARTNEY and Steve Madden
In all honesty, the world could use a few more “Peace and Love” types around. Why not be one for Halloween? You are likely to find most of the pieces for your look at thrift stores, but for those hard-to-find pieces, look at the Halloween store. You can find all sorts of peace sign accessories, and the wigs are great! If you wanted to go all out, there are plenty of flower crown tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube. I honestly don’t know who wouldn’t have a smile on their face when you show up in this costume. Plus, you can’t be the comfort level of this one.

This is such a completely random mix of costumes, but they are all so fun and easy. What are you going to be for Halloween? Let me know!


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