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Very Last Minute Costume Ideas

Your plan was to sit at home, binge watch as many Halloween movies as possible, and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. But then your sister texts you and tells you your niece and nephew want you to come trick-or-treating with them. Obviously you say yes (it won’t last forever, sadly) but you’re in a pinch; you don’t have a costume!

Or maybe your after work plans are still the same, but you just got notified that you are allowed to wear a costume to work the next day! Being the Festive Franny that you are, you can’t not wear one when you finally just got allowed to, so now you have to scramble and put something together!

And that’s why you’re here. That, or you just love my blog, Halloween, or me. Or all three!

Sidenote: I’m pretty sure I suggest wearing a tutu for all of these. If that’s not your thing, don’t wear it, but if it is, they go with almost every costume on this list.



  • Get a witches hat from a halloween store, dollar store, or store w/ Halloween section.
  • Where all black, all black and a tutu, or a black dress.
  • Take your household broom (if you feel like keeping up with props) or nothing at all!
  • Long fake nails are a bonus.
  • Cake on the super smoky eyes and dark lips.



  • Get cat ears and tail (tail not required) from any previously mentioned store.
  • Where all black, black + tutu, or a black dress.
  • Long fake nails are a bonus.
  • Paint face to look like cat (eyes and nose only, if you want)



  • This one usually helps to do with a friend or partner.
  • Buy or use a solid colored tee from any craft store or craft section.
  • Print off a stencil of the M&M “M” or the Skittles’ “S” large enough for the shirt.
  • Trace stencil onto felt or other white cloth material (do it on the back side if using a non-washable marker.
  • Using fabric glue, glue the letter to the shirt. It helps to have something inside the shirt to keep it from sticking to itself. You can also sew the letter if you want it more permanent, or use hot glue if you’re doing it last minute. Fabric glue takes longer to dry than hot glue, but doesn’t require sewing skills. Hot glue is good if you’re trying to head out the door and need the shirt done ASAP.
  • Pair the shirt with black pants and white gloves.
  • Pair the Skittle with black pants, or a matching colored tutu and leggings or tights.
  • Makeup can be whatever you’d like, but a lipstick that matches your shirt might be cute.

Rosie the Riveter


  • All this requires is a blue button down (don’t we all have a chambray shirt in our closet?), a red bandana, and red lipstick. You could wear blue jeans with this, too, for a more “working class” look.
  • Make sure the sleeves on your shirt are rolled up to the elbow.
  • The classic ‘40s pin curls are always a good look, but putting your hair up in a bun works just fine.
  • Don’t forget to finish off the look with a swipe of black eyeliner on your top lid, and some bold red lipstick.
  • We Can Do It!



  • This is a classic and I actually want to dress as this one year, just because I think it would be funny for someone named Angel to be an angel.
  • Honestly, you could just wear all white, or a white dress. If you have a white tutu, even better.
  • You can buy the wings and halo from any Halloween section of any store.



  • This is another classic that I think would be funny for me to wear.
  • Just get all red, or even just a red shirt and black pants/leggings.
  • You can find cute or creepy horns anywhere, along with a tail and pitchfork.
  • Don’t forget the red lipstick!

Beanie Baby


  • Perfect for 90s kids wanting a nostalgic costume.
  • Get a onesie from Walmart or any store that carries adult onesies
  • Draw, paint, or print a TY tag onto posterboard and attach with ribbon.
  • Face paint to match your costume is always a bonus.
  • Best part of this costume? You’re already in PJ’s!



  • We’re throwing it back here and going old school with this one.
  • Take a white sheet and cut out eye holes.
  • Throw it on and boom! You’re a ghost. And you don’t have to change clothes, do your hair, or your makeup! Plus, if you just stand super still in the corner, you can be super fucking creepy. Especially when someone comes close to you and you jump out at them.

Snapchat Filter


  • This is a good one for those on Snapchat all the time (like me).
  • Choose your favorite recognizable Snapchat filter (the dog, the deer, or rainbow mouth).
  • Paint your face and attach the ears to a headband (if it requires ears).
  • Cut out the Snapchat ghost silhouette from yellow paper and tape or glue to shirt.
  • Wear all black!

Social Butterfly


  • This one works with or without a tutu (depends on time) and is even better when done with a group.
  • Cut out the logo from a social media site (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.) and glue or tape to a shirt of a corresponding color.
  • If you don’t have time to make a tutu, you can probably find one at a Halloween store which is where you’ll have to go to get your wings, anyway.
  • Wear wings in a corresponding color.
  • If you can’t make OR get a tutu, just wear black pants.



  • This one works for any of the aforementioned insects.
  • You can generally find the costume basics all together (wings, antennae, and a choker, in my case) and all you need to do is have the actual clothes.
  • I was a ladybug and just wore a red dress the first time.
  • The second time, I wore this costume, I didn’t know I could dress up until the day before, so I wore a plain red shirt and black pants, threw my wings and headband on and voila!

I hope these help! I know they’ve helped me out of some pickles the last few years. I’m actually going to a hockey game tomorrow (my birthday!) and everyone is encouraged to dress in a costume and I’ll be a cat. I do have a pretty fun costume planned for Halloween, though, so if you’re a nerd, stay tuned and (weather permitting) you’ll see my costume on Insta.

Love y’all, be safe, and have fun!

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