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Thanksgiving OOTD Ideas

It’s that time of year again, y’all! It’s almost Thanksgiving and I honestly could not be more excited. I absolutely love this time of year, as I’m sure you know by now, and as the end of the year gets closer, it just keeps getting better.

Whether you’re with family or friends, sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up for the holidays. You want to look extra cute in pictures or you’re not dressing for Thanksgiving Day, but for a Friendsgiving. Here’s some options to be your comfiest, cutest, most stylish self.

Tunic and Leggings

You really can’t go wrong with this combo. Leggings are stretchy and comfortable, and a tunic just dresses them up. Depending on the weather and where you’re going, boots can dress it up even more, or you could wear booties if the weather is too warm. For an extra cute touch, throw on an infinity scarf and you’re good to go. I wore this outfit last year and my sister kept commenting how cute I looked and how much more dressed up I was than everyone else, and I had to flat out tell her it was the comfiest outfit I owned that I could wear out of the house.


I only referenced the top here, because you could pair it with leggings, jeans, jeggings, capris, etc. Chambray shirts are always an option and always in style and you can honestly wear them any time of year. They’re soft, comfy, and if you anticipate setting a new record for how much food you can stuff in your face (no judgement here), plan to wear a cute shirt underneath and you can just leave it hanging open. Bonus points if it’s a Christmas shirt and you announce, after you’re done eating, that the Christmas season has officially begun. And if you do that, please have someone record it and send me the Snapchat video. Plaid is also always a good idea for fall.

Dress and tights

I’m fortunate enough to not be obligated to dress up at holiday family functions, but sometimes maybe the situation calls for it. If you want the comfort of tunic and leggings, but need to be dressed up, try a tea-length dress and opaque leggings. Any shoes will work, and depending on the weather, a cardigan and scarf just makes it cuter.


Weather it’s a dress or skirt, maxis really are a great option. Dresses don’t require you to match any tops or bottoms, and since your legs are covered, no pants are required. Plus, you can get away with sitting on the floor or on the couch without having to cross your legs. And it’s like having a personal blanket everywhere you go! I’m a huge advocate for maxis, as you can tell. If you’re like me (and probably the majority of people) your thighs touch and regardless of the season are always at risk of chafing, I really can’t recommend Undersummers by Carrie Rae enough.

Jeans, top, sweater, and/or scarf

I really feel like it doesn’t get more basic than this. I know some people are anti-jeans for comfort reasons, but when you find the right pair, they’re totally worth it. That being said, there’s not really an easier way to look put together while putting in the least amount of effort. Whether you opt for boots, booties, flats, or even just a casual pair of TOMS, you’re really going to look good in this.

What’s your go-to look for Thanksgiving? Do you prefer to be more dressed up or dressed down? Let me know in the comments and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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