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Outfit Ideas for Every Holiday Party

When I was a kid and I’d see adults at Christmas parties on TV and in movies, I just assumed that’s how my life would end up. I figured, as an adult, I’d go to all these fancy holiday parties and drink cocktails and schmooze. Well, suffice it to say, that’s not what happened. At least not yet.

But in case this is the year that you’ve finally hit that level of adulthood that I have yet to reach, I’ve got you covered on the outfit front. And you know what? Even if you’re not invited to those kind of parties, I’ve also got other outfit ideas for whatever kind of holiday party you might be attending.

Fancy Cocktail Party

Let’s start with the first-mentioned party. You know, the cocktails and schmoozing. Where you have to know about adult stuff like the economy and world affairs but where you keep your mouth shut about politics and salaries. These are the parties usually at a fancy rented space or someone’s immaculate home with marble floors and chandeliers.
Notes: Lots of sparkles, but keep it classy. Black is always a good choice, but add pops of red to keep it festive. Heels are generally a must. Hair down and curled is probably the easiest way to do your hair, unless you wanted to do a fancy up-do.

Friend/Family Holiday Gathering

Generally these sort of functions are much more casual and easy-going than the cocktail soiree, I mentioned above. They’re mostly with people you know and love and they’re full of laughter, music, catching-up, and sometimes ridiculously silly games. You want to be comfortable at these parties, but you still want to look nice.
Note: Red is always a good choice, but mix some green in where you can. This is where the novelty Christmas jewelry can make an appearance if the rest of your outfit isn’t too over-the-top festive. Feel out the situation, though, and know the host/hostess. That’ll usually give an indication if more casual is acceptable, or if maybe nice shoes and a blouse would work better.

Tacky Sweater Party

Tacky Sweater Parties have become super popular in recent years, and I absolutely love them. It takes the pressure of looking perfect off and adds an element of fun. There are so many places that sell these over-the-top jumpers that it’s super easy to find one. There’s even a shop in my area dedicated to just ugly Christmas sweaters. You can keep it simple by wearing one with a traditional nordic print, or you can go crazy and make your own with odds and ends you find in the christmas section (which is probably the best way to win a sweater contest, btw). If you want, you can also fashion a skirt out of a tree skirt or two and wear that, and I will say, the cheapest way to find the tackiest ones is to go to a thrift store. My friends and I have a tacky sweater party every year, and we do a white elephant style tacky ornament exchange, too. It’s so much fun.
Note: If you still want to try to look cute while wearing your cheesiest getup, curl your hair and wear it half up, tied with a pretty Christmas bow or ribbon. A bright red lip and bold black eyeliner wing are also great ways to dress up your look. Ultimately, this party is about creativity and fun, so just enjoy yourself. 

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