My Words for 2018

As I mentioned last year in this post, my mom used to encourage us every year to think of our word for the year that represents what we want to achieve, have more of, or focus on throughout the year. Even though my mother is gone now, I still want to keep the tradition alive, as I feel it’s important to have something as simple as a word to focus on especially when life gets overwhelming.

This year I’ve decided on two separate words that I feel really are important to me and describe what I want to focus on.

It’s pretty stereotypical to want to make health a priority in the new year; particularly physical health. So much so that gyms mark down their rates and offer specials for members that sign up in January. And companies that sell activewear mark down their merchandise, and up their marketing. But my word isn’t “fitness” for a reason. That’s not the only type of health I want to work on this year.

I have generalized anxiety disorder which can make doing simple things incredibly difficult and exhausting. Something as easy as getting my niece to practice on time can set my anxiety off. And sometimes I get anxious and I have absolutely no idea why. But there are so many simple ways that I can make it easier to function and lessen the impact of anxiety attacks that I just don’t because of convenience or habit. And the best part is, I’ve noticed when I’m focusing on my physical health, my mental and emotional health drastically improves.

I spend a lot of time at home. I work part-time, so when I’m not working or running errands, I’m generally at home cleaning, writing, or watching TV. None of those things are inherently bad, but it’s not good for me to do that every day. There are always excuses for why I don’t or can’t do something different, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that I’m resistant to change even if I know it will benefit me.

Adventure for me doesn’t have to be something as big as globetrotting or mountain climbing. Adventure can be trying a new coffee shop or spending the afternoon in downtown Dallas. And adventure can be visiting a best friend and his girlfriend for a long weekend in Brooklyn or staying with my sister for a few days in Colorado. Adventure can be anything I want it to be as long as it’s different and away from my daily grind (coffee pun intended). Life is too short and I’m too young and have too much free time to be cooping myself up at home constantly.

These words are important to me and I know they’ll be a nice guide through 2018. I plan to incorporate them into my planner and in art throughout the year, so keep an eye out for those posts.

Tell me, though, do you choose a word to guide you through the new year? If so, I’d love to know what yours is and why, if you’re willing to share. I think they’re helpful even if you aren’t a “resolution person” simply because it’s not as limiting as resolutions can be.

Have a happy and healthy new year!


3 thoughts on “My Words for 2018”

  1. If I were to pick a word for 2018 I guess it would be ‘CHANGE’.
    I have worked 40 plus years in IT and need a change either by retiring or finding another job. Problem is not many employers hire old fogies like me.
    I also want to change how I approach life. Instead of fast and furious I want to be more methodical and slow my pace down. Yeah CHANGE would be a good word.

    I don’t make resolutions anymore so concentrating on a word might just work. Thanks…..


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