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Resolutions – Guest Blogger Post


Sometimes that word can bring in a sense of hope and change; a new beginning.

Sometimes that word can be so loaded and heavy.

Some people make them, and some people don’t.

I have always been one of those who do, but this year I am going to turn the typical sense that the word “resolutions” gives you, on its head.

The word Resolutions is defined as “A firm decision to do or not to do something”. [Thanks, Google!]

More often than not, the typical resolutions are “to lose weight” or “to be healthier” and things of that nature. People start out strong and determined in January, and sometimes into February, but in my experience, by the time Easter rolls around, I don’t even remember my resolutions in the first place.

How do we feel about ourselves when we fail to continue our self-proclaimed resolution? Many would answer that there is a feeling of disappointment, annoyance, or just downright self-criticism. I would agree- I would do the same thing to myself.

Not this year, though.

No more resolutions claiming to “lose weight” or “be healthier” or “work harder”.

“Become more organized” is an up-and-coming, rapidly-gaining-popularity resolution.

I’m not attempting that one, either.

I’m through making the typical resolutions that will cause me to feel bad about myself for not maintaining them.  My only problem was that I still wanted to promise myself something to make 2018 a much “better” year than 2017.

I was reading my all-time favorite magazine, Real Simple when I stumbled across an article titled “What’s your resolution to achieve better work-life balance in 2018?” [Porter, Jane. P. 78. January 2018 Issue]

(No, I don’t work for them. But I wish I did.)

I don’t entirely understand what drew me in so deeply to this article, considering I am one of the few lucky ones who have finally [FINALLY!!] been able to balance out my work and home life.

Maybe it was the catchy word I’ve been writing over and over – Resolutions.

I began reading and became engrossed in some of the responses, specifically one from Sydney Chaff, who stated, “I resolve to forgo resolutions in favor of a kinder and gentler approach to my own growth.”

That absolutely floored me. I kept thinking “We can do that? We don’t have to make “resolution-y” resolutions? Mind-blowing!”

The more I replayed her words in my mind, the more the gears started turning. The more the gears started turning, the more I wrote. (I am a HUGE believer in actually writing things down-old fashioned, I know.) The more I wrote, the clearer it all became to me.

I made two columns in my notebook. On one side it stated “IDEAS”, and on the other, “TENATIVE RESOLUTION”. I phrased it all in a way to allow myself to write whatever I felt was necessary to write, and then I would be able to arrange all my ideas into what might pass for a simple, yet all-encompassing, “resolution”.

I didn’t want the typical resolutions. I wanted simple promises to myself that I would do whatever it took to do exactly what Sydney Chaffee would do, too- I wanted to allow myself a kinder and gentler approach with my own growth, in any area.

Some of the ideas I wrote down were:

-Forgiving myself for things I had no control over

-Try not to be as hard as I have been on myself

-Give myself the gift of downtime when needed

-Enjoy the little things

I know some of them may seem cliché, but it’s very rare to hear those ideas made into resolutions because to me, resolutions are so confined and definitive that there isn’t any room for ambiguity. It’s so easy to constantly fail something with such a strict demeanor. There was no wiggle room.

This is exactly why I am not doing “typical” resolutions. I am calling them my Yearly Mantras.

All of my “resolution” ideas were easily surmised as one strong sentence.

My mantra of 2018 is “Engage in acts that are beneficial and nourishing to my soul whenever possible.”

That’s it.

That is my “goal”; my “resolution”; my “mantra”.

I will consistently try to remind myself that my soul needs fuel, just as my body does.  Replenishing our souls is just as important to our health as a nutritious diet and exercise. We often forget that small, yet mighty, need.

The most beautiful thing about my mantra is the fact that I won’t be upset not practicing it- I will just be able to remind myself of it and continue about my day.

So as you go about thinking about what you would like for yourself in the next year, always remember that it’s okay to not have a resolution. It’s okay to have a resolution. Just don’t underestimate the power of each tiny action that you make. Build on the small victories of whatever you decide to do or accomplish this year.

In short, do what works for you and your soul♥

Becca ♥

I’m Rebecca LaMere, and yes, I do go by Becca. I was born and raised in North Texas. I truly love to write, and I am excited to embark on my newest creative journey (to be revealed January 2018). I am happily married to my amazingly wonderful husband Chandler (who gets a lot of “Like Chandler Bing from FRIENDS?” comments, even though he’s older than the show). He and I have been together for nearly ten years now and happily married for one. I am also an avid reader and I dabble in painting too. I have always worked with and taught children, and it is my career dream to become a public school teacher. Green Day is my most favorite band of all time in the history of ever. Mermaids and dogs are my life source, as well as my nephews. I am so incredibly thrilled to have been asked to be a guest writer for Cupcake Rising (although, I must admit, I have asked on several occasions). Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come!

1 thought on “Resolutions – Guest Blogger Post”

  1. What a good read. A lot of profound thoughts and the final analogy is very good. I too will make that one of my “resolutions”.. Thank you for sharing.


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