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Baking Wish List

When I start a new hobby, there’s always gadgets I want to try or tools I want to use, and baking is no different.

Here’s my current (and ever-growing) baking wish list.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer


I’ve wanted one of these since my parents got one as an anniversary gift one year. It was in the height of my first baking obsession and I used it for everything from boxed cake mix to homemade buttercream to mashing potatoes. It’s such a diverse machine and with all the attachments and accessories you can buy, it can replace a multitude of single-use tools in your kitchen; a must for a small kitchen like mine.

Digital Kitchen Scale


I didn’t use to understand the real function of a digital kitchen scale until I started paying more attention to what I was eating and realized you can track nutrients better by weight. The more I got back into baking, the more I realized it’s probably the most accurate way to measure ingredients which is a necessity for the science that is baking.

Citrus Juicer


I’ve been obsessed with lemon lately. Probably because it’s in season and they’re cheaper and fresher right now, and also because I love lemon flavored desserts anyway. I want this one in particular because it’s got a cup with measurements so you know exactly how much juice you’re getting, and it catches the seeds so they don’t go in the cup. Plus, there’s so much natural sugar in lemons that I’d rather not get the juice all over my hands and be sticky. But it’s not just for lemons, obviously. Freshly squeezed orange juice would be amazing. Especially with my new favorite fruit, the Cara Cara Orange.

Microplane Grater


Again, this one came from my new obsession with lemon desserts and the need for lemon zest in them, but the more I look into recipes, the more I realize how many other things for which this grater can be used. Whether it’s grating chocolate to garnish a cupcake or grating fresh nutmeg for pumpkin pie, it’s a surprisingly diverse tool!

Oven thermometer


I feel like one of the most important tips in baking is to remember that all ovens are different, especially if your oven is older and/or it came with your apartment or house. I’ve noticed that mine gets too hot, the closer it is to the bottom, so we have our racks higher to get the same even bake that someone would with theirs in the middle of the oven. An oven thermometer would just allow me to see where hot and cold spots are in the oven, and see what the actual temperature is versus what it thinks it is.

Silicone Baking Mat


I go through so much parchment paper when I bake. It’s a staple in our kitchen now, and has been since I first learned about it from my mom years ago. Now I’m ready to move on to something more reusable and sustainable and frankly, cheaper in the long-run. Plus, I hate seeing my cookies warped because the paper doesn’t fit into my baking sheets and has folded and creased. I’ll probably still always have parchment in my kitchen, but the silicone mats will definitely be my go-to.

Angled Measuring Cup


My parents had a 2-cup version and a half-cup version and it was so dang useful being able to look at it from above and see the measurements. It’s a sturdy plastic, so it’s not heat-proof (Pyrex is a great brand for that), but it’s so convenient for everything else.

Cake Leveler


I used to have one years ago when I originally did my baking and cake decorating but it’s since disappeared or been given away or thrown away or lost in a move or something. I honestly have no idea at this point. Yes, they’re single-use tools, but the risk of slicing your fingers is zero as compared to a knife, and you can guarantee an even, level cut. Hello, layer cakes and flat tops!

Medium Cookie Scoop/Ice Cream Scoop


I have a small one right now, which is good for smaller cookies, but when I want to make a normal sized chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookie, or fill a cupcake tin evenly, these scoops are ideal. They generally hold 1 ¾ tablespoons which is perfect for getting regular sized cupcake tins filled to about ¾ full and keep the mess to a minimum. Also, perfect ice cream scoops. Enough said.

Springform Pan


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of springform pans is cheesecake, but they do so much more than that. They can be used to make cakes and tarts and casseroles. Really, the limit is just your imagination. I even saw someone make an ice cream cake in one. Pretty nifty stuff, y’all.

That’s what’s currently on my list, but there’s always more stuff being added. I’m actually currently in the process of redoing my tiny apartment kitchen and I really am looking forward to being refreshed and having a renewed energy to bake and just enjoy my home.

Do you own anything on this list? What are your favorites? Anything on your wishlist that’s not on mine? Let me know! I’m always interested in new gadgets and tools.


4 thoughts on “Baking Wish List”

  1. I bought myself a kitchen-aid mixer when they went on sale, best decision ever! I love it and use it every weekend when i bake. I also have a food scale, which is also amazing since that way you don’t need o dirty as many measuring cups!


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