Living My Words: January

I’ve heard a lot of people say that January seemed to drag on forever, but I really didn’t feel that way. To be honest, I can’t believe we’re already a twelfth of the way through 2018. 

If you didn’t see my post about my words for 2018, you can check it out here. If you did, you’ll know that my words that truly described my goals for this year were health and adventure.

Don’t get me wrong, January wasn’t the month that my health was perfect and I took some crazy adventures, but I did try to remember those words as I went about the last 31 days.

At some point close to the beginning of January, I decided to finally do something that I’d been wanting to do for a few years; I decided to start the slow process of becoming a vegetarian. I’ve stopped eating red meat (no pork or beef) as I’ve been told they’re the easiest to give up. So far, I would have to agree. I’ve also made an effort to workout more since our 10 week fitness challenge started at work at the end of the month. And I’ve taken a friend up on giving some supplements a try to help with my anxiety (which have been working so well – they’ll be in my Jan/Feb Faves post at the end of this month). I hate feeling crappy – mentally and physically. I mean, no one enjoys it, I don’t think, but it’s easy to just let yourself stay in your rut, and I don’t want to do that. I want February to be better, for sure, but I’m proud of what I’ve done.

Like I said in the Words post, adventure doesn’t have to be some big grand thing. For me, in January, it meant making a trip to Central Market with a good friend, and discovering my new favorite fruit (the Cara Cara Orange, in case you were curious) and then going to my favorite coffee shop to get my favorite drink. It meant a sleepover and a last minute hanging out and a walk around the park. It meant getting out of my normal routine to do something that I love but don’t normally take the time to do. They were little things, yes, but I’m still glad they happened. In February, we’ve got pie dates and friend gatherings and other fun things planned.

It doesn’t have to be huge things. It doesn’t have to be crazy things. It can be whatever you decide, because your words are for you; no one else.


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