Why I Love Valentine’s Day

Every year I feel like we’re inundated with “Cupid is Stupid” and “I Hate Valentine’s Day” rhetoric from one side, and “Diamonds are forever” and “Give her a Valentine’s gift she’ll really love; a car” from the other. Two very extreme messages, each from sides that love to tell you how terrible the other side is.

Regardless of how you personally feel about the holiday for whatever your reasoning is, hear me out.

I love Valentine’s Day.


Now yes, it seems easy for me, a married woman, to say that, but I’ve loved Valentine’s Day my entire life, and I’ve only been with my husband for seven years. You do the math.

Let’s start out with the reasons people hate the holiday.

1. It’s too commercialized.

Yeah, it is. It’s in every store, on every show, and even some movies are made about it. You’re expected to buy things in order to prove your love. Buy chocolates, flowers, jewelry, stuffed animals; go fucking nuts. But the only way to prove your love is by buying things, right?


Okay, that’s an obvious one. I know that my husband loves me, even if he doesn’t buy me things. And he buys me things even if it’s not Valentine’s Day. Spending money on someone you love is something you just do, but it’s not something you have to do. Our first Valentine’s together, I made Shane candy sushi (he loves the real stuff), a mix CD of love songs special to each of us individually and both of us together with a cute cover I decorated, and a picture frame I made that had a cute love quote on it.

Was he mad that made all of it instead of buying it? Nope. He loved the sushi, we lost the CD’s in one of the moves, and I just had to convince him the other week to let me toss the picture frame, reminding him we have nowhere to put it and with the promise that I’d make him a new one when we have a place where he can have his own gaming room.

Does he make me things? No. He prefers to buy things because he’s not as creatively inclined as I am. But my point is that, you can bust out your craft supplies and make some of the cutest, most heartfelt gifts that will be treasured for years and years without spending a dime.


2. You shouldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to tell people you love them.

No, you shouldn’t. Is that a thing people do? I tell my husband, my sisters, my dad, my best friends, and even my dog that I love them multiple times everyday. I don’t wait for a special occasion, or a single day to let them know.

Valentine’s Day is no more about expressing a single day of love than St. Patrick’s Day is about being Irish. It’s an everyday thing for some of us; you don’t just turn it on once a year.

Also, please refer to my last point; giving gifts, buying/making things, and decorating your stuff with hearts doesn’t automatically equal love. Your actions everyday, your words, the little things you see and do that they don’t know you see or do; that’s love and your expression of it is what you decide it is.

3. I hate red and/or pink.

Okay? So don’t decorate using those colors? A lot of people think red and pink clashes, and I generally tend to agree. Outside of Valentine’s Day, red isn’t really my color. Pink, on the other hand is my absolute favorite color. It can be soft and delicate or it can loud and bold. Regardless of your color choice, it doesn’t have to be either or it can be both. That’s all up to you.

Valentine’s Day wasn’t always inherently romantic, though it did get it’s origins in the fertility and “love-making” department. Regardless of how it started, though, and because of where it is now, it’s completely up to you how you choose (if you do so at all) to celebrate it.

I love that the focus is on love. Yeah, it does suck to be single on Valentine’s Day, but romantic love isn’t the only love. I grew up with my mom making a big deal out of it for us kids – giving us cards and boxes of chocolates, and my dad sending us flowers, so it started out, and stuck for a long time, as just a day to express your love for those in your life.

giphy (1)

So, yeah, it’s nice being a part of a couple during the season of love, but even when I wasn’t, I still loved the holiday for the theme, the candy, ALL. THE. PINK! 🙂

Happy Love Day!


1 thought on “Why I Love Valentine’s Day”

  1. I completely agree with this entire blog post. So much yes. Valentine’s Day weather it’s commercialized too much or not has a deeper underlying message and it Valentine’s Day can be everyday for you and your significant other.

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