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Absolutely Disgusting

The other day, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a picture of a friend’s daughter that she had posted on her page. Her daughter is maybe three, at most. She’s a super cute little girl with bright blue eyes and her hair in a little ponytail on the top of her head. This isn’t anything unusual to see in my newsfeed. I would say the majority of my friends, especially those with whom I am acquainted on Facebook, have children. Some are older and in high school or college, some are newborns. What caught my attention and really bothered me was the comment made by another mutual Facebook friend.

“She’s beautiful [FRIEND]! Gonna need to get that shotgun ready 😉 all the boys will be running after her!”

Disgusting. On so many levels.

The first thing that came to mind was, “how is this an appropriate remark the day after a massive school shooting just occurred?” How is implying that shooting some little boys, some children, is an okay thing to do because your daughter is cute? Guns aren’t the solution to the problem, especially when it involves children. And yes, I am aware that she’s not talking about shooting small children, but the little girl is, again, maybe three years old.

Secondly, can we stop sexualizing little girls like that? Oh, better get that gun ready to shoot the boys that find your daughters sexually attractive because we don’t want her to get hurt or pregnant. That’s just weird and gross.

And another thing, even if the little girl was older; say 17 (the legal age of consent in the state of Texas) or 18, it’s still problematic. Especially when you consider the implication that girls aren’t responsible for their own sexuality or sexual desires and adds to rape culture with the idea that her virginity or sexual purity (both highly outdated social constructs, I might add) belongs to someone else – the parent or guardian with the gun ready to shoot any boys that “takes” it – and that she has no right to say yes or no to someone because apparently boys are going to do whatever they want so we just respond by killing them?

Plus, it’s harmful to males! How would you feel if your son was being threatened with a gun because he and his consenting girlfriend decided to have sex or even entertained the thought of it!? Again, that’s not only gross, but it completely fails to take into account that their daughter has just as much right to desire sex as your son, sex is a completely normal part of life, and no one’s life deserves to be threatened because of it.

And having said all that, let me just remind you, this was a comment on a picture of a girl who was maybe three years old; preschool age. So in case you were wondering, your sexist, hyper-sexulising, disgusting comments have no place here or anywhere.


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