2018, My Favorites

January/February Favorites

January was a short month as far as new favorite products go, so I figured combining January and February would work better. Here’s my random list of favorites from the last two months. 


I’m relatively open about my struggles with anxiety here on my blog, so when I find products that might help someone else, I like to share them. I got a bottle of Anxie-T from a former coworker (we miss you, Rebecca) whose mom works for the company, and I was eager to try it because my anxiety had been pretty bad around that time. I was impressed with how well it worked for me. It takes at least 30 minutes before you start feeling the effects, depending on how bad your anxiety is, and it took a bit longer for me, but it did its job. It didn’t cure it, obviously, but it took the edge off and allowed me to focus on and complete other tasks, something which, if you have anxiety, you know is nearly impossible. Now, I feel like this should go without saying, but obviously talk to your doctor or healthcare professional before taking any supplements and always look up the ingredients before taking anything.

Starbucks Light Pink Stainless Steel Tumbler

I got this for Christmas from my niece, and as my sister put it, “Let’s just say, she knows [me] really well.” It’s the perfect shade of blush/light pink and I love that it’s just solid colored and metal. I’ve gotten compliments on it when I’ve taken it to work and as silly as it sounds, I can’t wait to take a picture of my art room with it on my desk.

Austin Eastciders Texas Honey Cider

I’m not a beer person. I never have been. But I can do all the hard ciders. Generally (though not always), they have a sweeter flavor, and aren’t as biting or hard to drink as beer. Plus, they’re just a good flavor in general. I’m all for local business, and by Texas standards, Austin is local despite it being three hours away. This stuff is yummy. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet, and it’s got such a good honey apple flavor. Plus, I like that it’s in a can, so I don’t have to worry about glass bottles which is how the cider I normally buy comes. I’m excited to try the other flavors soon!

Vidpro Lighting Kit

One of my best friends lives in NYC with his girlfriend and they work at a huge photo/video company popular with amateurs, YouTubers, and celebrities. When I casually mentioned I’m considering doing videos for my blog (which I’m still considering), without hesitation, he ordered this light and a tripod for me (from his work using his employee discount) as a surprise late Christmas present. He wouldn’t even tell me wat he’d done at first, just that I should expect a package the next week. What a sweetheart! Also, like the good friend I am, I feel like I should mention that he’s a fantastic photographer, specializing in aerial photography, and you can find his Instagram here. Love you, Patrick!

Great British Baking Show

I mentioned in this post about my baking, but it was when Shane and I started watching this incredible show that really re-sparked my love and reminded me that it’s something I can do for fun and fulfillment. It also is what has us craving baked goods almost every night. The show is sweet and funny and intense and delicious. Everyone is always so supportive of everyone, plus it’s incredible to hear so many different accents (though I thought Shane was going to pop a blood vessel every time he heard someone pronounce ore-GAN-o, bak-LAV-a, and the other various British pronunciations). I also loved seeing how different everyone baked. Honestly, I’m such an anglophile, though, that there wasn’t much I wasn’t going to love about this show.

Reverie Bakeshop

The British Baking Show has inspired me to start visiting and trying different bakeries in the area, and as a major metroplex, it’s not hard to find a few, even ones in the suburbs north of Dallas. I’m pretty open to what I’ll try, especially as it pertains to certain diet restrictions, including vegan foods. Reverie Bakeshop, based in Richardson, is a plant-based bakery with raw and gluten-free desserts as well, truly making it a bakery for everyone. I went with a friend who lives in the area, and I got a slice of sopapilla cheesecake bar and a red velvet cake ball. Both were absolutely incredible, and I can’t wait to go back when they’re not trying to close for the night and they have more of a selection.

Emporium Pies

One of the things I’ve been craving most since starting the baking show has been pie. They do a lot of pastries and pies on the show and that’s probably been the one thing I haven’t been able to have that’s satisfied a baked good craving. Emporium Pies is in Dallas in the Bishop Arts District in Downtown, and in Historic Downtown McKinney (and they deliver pies to various coffee shops and cafes in the area), so for our Valentine’s Day celebration, Shane and I went to downtown McKinney to walk around and get some pie. I’ve been super into citrus fruits lately, so their key lime pie was the obvious choice. It was tart, as I had been warned, but oh my goodness it was creamy and delicious. The shop itself was adorable and cozy, especially on the chilly, grey day and I can’t wait go back and try all of the other flavors!

Snoopy Pop

Yes, I am aware how silly this one is. I was watching one of Safiya Nygaard’s videos on buying Instagram sponsored clothes, so I went through mine to see what it would sponsor for me, and this game popped up. I have always loved bubble popping games, and this addicting one is no different. I have no good reason to have spent as much time on it as I have this past weekend, but it is what it is. I was barely productive with the cleaning I needed to do, but I’m on level 148 on this game, so there’s that. Also, I’m writing this on Monday, so I’ve probably well-exceeded that level by the time this actually goes up. Judge me.

Ocean’s Eleven-Thirteen

Do you guys realize how old these movies are? The first one is almost twenty years old. I remember when they came out, but I was too young at first to really enjoy them and then just never cared enough for them. Netflix added them to their lineup, so Shane and I have been gradually watching them all and enjoying them immensely. They’re so good, funny, and everyone plays their part so well. Plus, being such a huge fan of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, it’s so funny to see him play a character who’s completely different and funny and sweet. I can’t wait for Ocean’s 8 this summer with Sandra Bullock playing Danny’s sister. Also, this has turned me into kind of a George Clooney fan and maybe a Brad Pitt fan? Not sure yet, but I’ll let you know.

That’s it, y’all. Those are my favorites for January and February. And I honestly can’t believe March is already here. This year, like all the rest, is freaking flying by. I hope yours is good.


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