2018, My Favorites

March Favorites

Oh, March, you confused month of freezing cold and heat. It’s been as low as 32°F and as high as 84°F and that doesn’t include wind chill or heat index (each of which got down to the 20s and up to the 90s, respectively). That doesn’t mean I haven’t don’t have a nice handful of new favorites, though! So many (okay, only seven) that I can make March it’s own list instead of combining it with another month! What?! I know. It’s crazy.

Anyway, here they are, y’all. Here are my favorites of March 2018.

Almay Thickening Mascara

I’d been looking for a new mascara for a while, that had good reviews but wasn’t expensive. As much as I liked the L’Oréal one from this post, it dries out so quickly and becomes almost unusable after a few weeks. Plus, it was the higher priced of the drugstore mascaras I buy.

I’d actually been looking for essence Lash Princess because I’ve heard great things about it, but for whatever reason my Target stopped carrying essence brand. I opted for the Almay because it’s a brand I know, I trust, and because it was only $4.99 and had great reviews.

I’m glad I did because it has been so worth it so far. The formula is a bit wetter than the L’Oréal one, which causes it to get on my eyelids, but otherwise it’s perfect. I really feel like it’s actually thickening, and it doesn’t flake off and cause dark circles on my already oily under eyes.

Vanilla Bean Noel Body Spray

Yes, this is a Christmas scent, technically. Yes, it’s the end of March and I’m just now adding it to my favorites list. Fight me.

Shane’s grandmother got me two bottles of the body spray and a body butter in this scent for Christmas (after confirming my favorite scent – which isn’t necessarily this one, but I know I always love it and it’s a safe option). We finally got a chance to meet up and have brunch and exchange gifts in February and I’ve been using this ever since.

I’m about an eighth of the way through the first bottle, and it’s become my go-to because it’s nice, sweet, and subtle. Plus, it’s not flowery or perfumey in anyway way so it’s nice to wear around pretty much anyone.

Angry Orchard Rosé Cider

You probably saw my last post our cider taste-test, and which was our favorite, but if not: spoilers.

I went into a bit of detail as to why the Angry Orchard was our favorite, but basically it has all the things we expected in a rosé cider and then some. For the full review, go read this post. It was awesome.

Barefoot Rosé Spritzer

This was actually the one we were looking for when we asked Ronnie to go get us more wine from Walmart, but they didn’t have it. I was shopping at Kroger the other day and picked some up on sale and tried it that night, and my goodness it was delicious! Even Shane liked it.

Barefoot’s website describes it as a “Genace and Moscato blend” with notes of “mandarin orange and peach” and “flavors of raspberry and cherry”. They also suggest enjoying it over ice. I suggest just taking the whole bottle to the couch with you and enjoying a good book.

I could definitely taste the peach and raspberry the most, but overall it was just a delicious, lightly carbonated drink of happiness and sunshine.

Smoothly Edgy

Okay, so
technically not a new favorite. In fact, if I counted Shaneice as a new favorite, I’d have to count Shane as one, too, since I’ve been going to her almost as long as Shane and I have been together. Yeah. But her business is relatively new, and this is the first time I’ve gone to see her since she started it, so while I can’t count the hair magician herself (as I lovingly call her) as a new favorite, I can definitely count her salon as one.

Shaneice is a hair stylist currently located in McKinney, Texas at the Sola Salon Suites. I first met her when she worked at Pro-Cuts and then I followed her to Floyd’s Barbershop and now she’s finally doing what she’s wanted to do which is work for herself and have her own place. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d follow her anywhere.

She’s on Booksy, which is probably the absolute easiest way to book an appointment and see all that she offers, and is available almost any day you need her. She does everything from a shampoo and trim to shaved accents to hair treatments and color. She also does facial waxing and even designs and trims wigs! I’m actually going to see her again soon for a blow out for a birthday I’m going to.

You can set up an appointment here and find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Jess and Claud

I found Jessica’s Instagram and YouTube channel when Annika Victoria posted about her hashtag #BabeWithAMobilityAide and shared her favorite disabled YouTubers/creators.

When I started watching her YouTube videos, I was struck by not only how gorgeous she and her wife are, but also by how sweet and down-to-earth and funny they both are. Plus, they’re so sweet with each other and such a relatable couple, and so British it makes my heart smile.

They’re currently on a two-month holiday to Malaysia where Claudia’s mother is from, and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve honestly never had any desire to go to Malaysia or Thailand before I started watching their vlogs and now I think it would be quite nice.

I actually have been known to sit and binge their videos and I think I might go back and watch more of their videos from before their trip and before I found the channel just because I love them so much.

Nailed It!

A. Nicole Byer is the cutest thing that’s ever existed, and I want all the shoes she wears on the show.

B. I love that it’s real home bakers who have no professional experience because it makes me feel like I could actually do it.

C. I like that the format is different from other baking competition shows: two regular judges and a different guest judge every episode, and three different competitors every episode. It makes it easier to watch because you aren’t getting too attached to certain people except the judges and can appreciate their individual efforts.

That’ll do it, y’all. So sorry I didn’t get this out sooner. I really want to get better about sticking with a regular schedule, quite frankly, I’ve just been getting lazy. Will change that soon, though. Promise.

As usual, let me know what your favorites for March were and if you’ve tried/watched any of these and let me know what you think!


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