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What’s in My Overnight Bag

I mentioned in this post that my best friend and I have pretty regular sleepovers. We try to have them at least once every two months for our sanity, and have been since high school (with the exception of the years she was off at college in Arkansas, but even then, I still came to visit for weekends at a time).
I’ve gotten pretty good at throwing together an overnight bag with the essentials and I thought I’d share my tips that I’ve learned over the years.

Sleep Clothes

This one feels like it should be super obvious, but unless your friend (or whoever you’re staying the night with) is the same size as you, you’re going to need some comfortable clothes that you can sleep in. I wear my pajama pants or some soft yoga pants and an oversized shirt. I’ll also try to remember fuzzy socks, because Kristin keeps it cold in her house.
If you feel like you want or need to look cute for your host, some comfy sleep shorts and a cute top are always an easy option. Either way, sleep clothes are my most obvious and most important must!


The chances of your friend having makeup wipes are pretty high, but sometimes you need your own if you have sensitive skin, or just a general preference.
I also have a toothbrush travel tube so I don’t get hair on my toothbrush and because I hate when the bristles get stuck all warped. I don’t bother with toothpaste, though, because they have some, and I think Shane would get mad at me if I stole ours for the night.
I also decide if I want to bother with makeup the next day by figuring out what we plan to do. If we’re just hanging out at the house or running simple errands, I don’t worry about it. If we have plans to go shopping or do anything for longer periods of time or something where we’re gonna want to take selfies (like when the Halloween stores open and we have to document it), I’ll pack some basics – CC cream, powder, blush, eyeliner, and mascara.

Change of Clothes

I don’t bother showering over there, so I’m generally okay wearing the same outfit as the day before. On the off chance that I do decide to take a change of clothes, though, I generally try to anticipate how much space my sleep clothes will take up in my bag, and I’ll just wear a pair of jeans and bring a shirt to change into the next day. I also try to wear shoes that I can wear in all situations just to make it fewer things that I’m having to transport.

Special Accoutrement

Maybe it’s something you need for sleeping – a sleep mask to block out light, ear plugs to cancel any noise, or a mouth guard or retainer. Whatever it is that you have to have to sleep or to function, make sure you bring it. My general rule of thumb is, if you use it every night/morning at home, you probably should bring it with you. It’s just going to make for a much more pleasant experience.
I have to sleep with earplugs because I’m such a light sleeper (even with them in, according to Shane) and a mouth guard because I clench my teeth at night, so when I don’t have those things, I don’t get much sleep, and the sleep I do get is very light.


There are few things as frustrating as getting to someone’s house and realizing your phone is almost dead and you forgot your charger. Even worse? The person you’re staying with doesn’t have the same devices as you, so their charger doesn’t work for your phone.

If you have a spare, you’re probably better off leaving it in your bag, depending how often you use it. That way you don’t ever have to worry about forgetting one. Before I got my new phone, I had one in my purse at all times. Shane has since stolen it, claiming, “it’s not like you can use it anymore!” He’s not wrong.

The more sleepovers you do, the easier it gets to throw stuff together without worrying you’re forgetting stuff. It also helps if the sleepover is with your best friend who is almost overly-prepared. Either way, I hope this helps you streamline your overnight back for the next time you have a sleepover.

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