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Spring Fashion Crush

The last time I did a spring fashion wishlist post was about two years ago. Not surprisingly, I never skip an opportunity to do a fall fashion post and even did multiple this past autumn.

I did this post almost two years ago, and, because we’re all always evolving, things have kind of… changed.

Let’s review briefly, shall we?

Kimono? Check. Bold, full skirts? Pass. Plain, Blush (Light Pink) Top? Not yet. Light Wash Jeans? Check. White Jeans? Check. White Lace Top? Bought, but wore once (in my Poshmark closet!) Cute Flats? Still waiting. Black and White Striped Top? Check.

So, based on the facts before us, and a quick look at my Spring/Summer board on Pinterest, you’ll notice that my style has kind of… mellowed out? I’ve started paying more attention to the style and types of garments I wear and am comfortable in, and I’ve been trying to adjust my closet accordingly.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are the ultimate in effortless spring fashion. They’re long enough that you don’t feel like you have to shave. Depending on the style, they can be dressed up for a formal wedding, or dressed down for a quick Target run (yeah, right). Plus, no outfit coordination required and you look put-together!

Springy Blouses

Besides dresses and the boho vibe, my other ideal look is cute blouses and jeans or stylish pants. My current go-to is jeans and a tee with either my footbed sandals or TOMS. I’m thinking, if I switch from tees to blouses, my style game goes up and I look like a productive member of society. Plus, it’s such an easy switch and it’s nice not to have to worry about what you’ll wear for a last-minute mall outing or Sunday lunch with friends. Even if it’s not a blouse, a stepped up tee – ones with ruffle sleeves or a cute neckline/collar, makes all the difference.

Cute Flats

This one is back on my list because, TBH, I’m still looking. I got some super cute oxfords two years ago, but haven’t had many opportunities to wear them, so they’re not the most comfortable (I really just need to break them in). Otherwise, I’m still looking for a few chic, comfy pairs of flats to help step up my look and bring me from kind of frumpy to fabulous. I’ve let the crazy idea of ever being able to comfortably wear heels go, and instead and embraced the idea that I need to just spend that time looking for shoes I’ll actually wear that don’t bring my outfits down to level: sad.

Statement Necklaces

I generally have one or two necklaces that I wear with almost everything, and because they’re on the cheaper end, they get that gross sour metallic odor and I don’t want to wear them anymore. The problem with that method, is that they wear out quickly and I’m left without a statement necklace. If you have any tips on keeping my lower-end jewelry nice, let me know. Otherwise, my solution is to just find more statement necklaces and give myself options.


I have a pair of brown and black flat sandals I got from Walmart years ago that i still wear on occasion. Unfortunately, they aren’t the most comfortable or practical footwear I own, but they are good in the looks department. Well, they’ve seen better days. But as far as them versus a pair of flip flops, they’re definitely a step-up. That being said, they’re beginning to look less dainty and more… rough. Plus, there’s a chance that they’ll give out any day considering how long I’ve had them. I don’t need a huge variety of sandals, as I’ll just re-wear the same pairs, but it would be nice to have some fresher, more stylish pairs.

Boho Babe

After my mom died last year, I decided I would start letting my true self out. I’m a hippie, through and through. I believe in loving our earth and the creatures on it. I believe in loving each other and world peace. And I also believe that hippie/boho vibe is absolutely my style. The flowy fabrics and comfy layers coupled with the over-accessorizing and colors are 1000% my aesthetic and it’s time to let Earth Angel’s light shine.

Summer Shorts

Okay, so we’re still having temps in the 30s and 40s. But, ready or not, the heat of summer will be here before we know it. I’m planning on doing some self/sunless tanning (the risk of skin-cancer isn’t worth tanning in the sun, but my paleness definitely holds me back sometimes) and I’m all about the soft fabric shorts that look and feel so effortless and comfy. I’ve been seeing some really cute ones in plus sizes, and am tempted to just try and sew my own using a pair I already have a love as a pattern. We’ll see about that. For now, I think I’ll try getting some from my go-to shops and Poshmark.

That’s all I’ve got for now, friends. What are y’all heart-eyeing for spring? Leave me a comment and let me know! I’m always looking for new styles.

Happy spring, everyone!


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