2018, My Favorites

April Favorites

Now that April is over, it only makes sense that I do my April favorites post now. That’s how this works, in case you haven’t figured that out. 😉 Anyway, as is usually the case for me, I combined some things that are completely new to me this month, and things that I may have had or used for a while but didn’t really start using more frequently until this past month.

Here they are, in no particular order.

abril faves
1. Universal Thread Distressed Skinny Jeans

I’m so freaking thankful that Target has revamped their clothing line, because I could never find jeans that fit well before. To a point that I was holding out to buy more of the Torrid jeggings that are ridiculously expensive. Now, though, they have jeans that are actually comfortable, cute, and way more affordable than pretty much any of the dedicated plus size stores (of which we only have one where I live). I will say, I am constantly having to pull them up because for whatever reason, despite the waist sitting comfortably, the still manage to ride down. I’m sure that’s just the way I’m built and the fact that my thighs are significantly larger than my calves and butt, but other than that, they’re my favorite pair of jeans that I own right now.

2. Mary Kay CC Cream

Once upon a time, I sold Mary Kay and have used my discount to buy products for myself and to use as samples. Since about a little less than a year ago, I stopped. It wasn’t for me, and I realized that I’m not cut out for and don’t have the kind of drive that the career MK women do. Most of them are pretty incredible and dedicated people. That being said, I would still recommend a majority of their products, because I did like them a lot. Case in point, the CC Cream. It’s light enough to slap on to give yourself some color, it’s got SPF 15, and it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. I did notice myself get a tad shiny by the very end of the day, but that’s only because I’m an incredibly oily person. I generally just dust some mattifying finishing powder on top and call it good and it stays. It’s comfortable and doesn’t break me out which is honestly the most I could ask in a product. Plus, I love that it’s a squeeze tube with a pump.

3. Market Pantry Premium Roast Coffee Pods

I completely understand the pushback against coffee pods and Keurigs in general. I get how they’re horrible for the environment, and honestly, heating up any plastic has to have some sort of negative effect. That being said, I like these pods first for the flavor. And not just because they’re “good for single serve pods”, but because I genuinely think they taste good. Secondly, the coffee filter detaches from the plastic pod (which is recyclable) so you can be comforted in knowing you’re not sending plastics to the landfill. And the best part?! They’re only $3.99 (at my Target, at least) for a 12-pack.

4. Evolutionize Meal Prep Containers

I actually bought two packs of these back in June of last year – one and two compartment – and I used them quite a bit for a while before kind of forgetting about them. I’ve been trying to get better here in the past few weeks about actually prepping my lunches and bringing them with me to work, because even though I only work 4 hours a day, I work right during the lunch hours. If I don’t have anything to eat with me at work, I end up waiting to eat until after 2 PM which isn’t good because it’s so late compared to when I had breakfast, but also because I often have errands to run right after work and that makes me resort to either eating out for lunch (when I have food at home) or I over-buy because I’m hungry and everything looks/sounds good. These are lightweight, BPA-free, and are perfect for separating your foods if you get the multi-compartment ones. They also happen to fit perfectly at the bottom of my lunchbox and are really good at keep in and blocking out smells. Learned that one from experience.

5. Bubba Water Bottle

Remember in this post from last summer when I raved about the Motivational Bottle? Yeah, well, that bottle took a tumble and completely cracked the bottom, so I had to buy a replacement one. While this one is no MB, I appreciate the sturdiness of it, the fact that it has a loop at the top for me to hold when my hands are full, the straw, and the wide-mouth lid to put ice in it when necessary. I’ve dropped this one on more than one occasion, and its silicone encasing helps keep it all intact. It doesn’t have ounce increment markings, but I know that it’s 24 ounces, so it makes me drink an entire bottle at a time instead of only drinking to a certain point during various time increments. Plus, it’s a pretty turquoise color which was a legitimate reason for choosing it over others.

6. Galaxy S9+

A huge one! I was recently blessed with the opportunity to finally upgrade my phone and I love this one. I actually had considered switching to the iPhone for a bit, but after giving it some serious consideration, I decided to stick with the Galaxy line that I knew and loved. I think I’ll do a longer review post on the S9+ soon, because it’s a pretty big change from my S7, so I won’t go into a ton of detail here. That being said, I have to mention the incredible camera. Samsung decided to include the dual-cameras again in the plus version of their newest flagship phone and the quality is amazing. I love being able to take professional-looking pictures during important moments like my niece’s band concert or my best friends’ son’s first birthday. Also, the battery life is sooooo good! I can go almost an entire day of heavy use on a single charge; something that I couldn’t even fathom doing at the end of my S7’s life.

That’s it for April, though, y’all! It’s been a quick, eventful month, but it’s been good. I hope you guys had a good month, and I am actually looking forward to doing some warm-weather/summer posts in the coming weeks.



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