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How to Actually Enjoy Summer

May is here, temperatures are soaring (seriously, it’s pretty much permanently in the 80s and 90s here now), and students and teachers alike can feel the pull of summer. Passing by my apartment pool that isn’t opened yet has been so tempting lately, and I’m looking for all the stretchy shorts to live in when I’m not at work.

I did this post last year on getting your body “summer ready” where I tried to remind you, readers, that however you choose to embrace summer is completely up to you and totally valid – even if it means hiding inside your air-conditioned home and pretending seasons don’t exists until fall comes.

But what if you want to actually embrace summer this year? You’ve decided you want to wear shorts and have summer parties and swim and eat popsicles and try to just enjoy life because three months is a long time to be miserable?

Getting That Healthy Glow

If you’re pale and enjoy being pale, kudos. Embrace your beautiful pale body. If you’re pale and want to be tan, get a tan. But like, a self or spray tan.
No amount of color is worth the risk of skin cancer. Spray tans have come a long way from the orange, Cheeto-tans of our youth. You can get gradual color that looks natural without having to spend hours in the sun doing some serious damage to your body. If you’re not comfortable with spray tans, at-home self-tanning is an option. You can do the gradual lotions, or you can dive, headfirst into the more popular tanning foam and mitt application. Just make sure there’s someone around to help you get your back. Or like, put the mitt on a spoon with a hair tie and do it that way. Either way, don’t forget your back. If you’re nervous, look up self-tanning tutorials and routines on YouTube; those girls have some seriously good tips, so you don’t end up with overly dark hands and knees. That’s awkward.

Cool Clothing

Everyone is entitled to wear clothes that keep their bodies cool. No particular body type has a monopoly on that, and it’s probably best that we accept that ASAP. That being said, if someone is uncomfortable wearing short shorts and tank tops, that’s okay. They shouldn’t be shamed for how they’re dressing. I do have a few tips on maximizing comfort during the sweaty summer months.

-If you want to wear a dress or skirt but hate thigh chafing, Undersummers are a fantastic product for both eliminating it, and giving you the extra protection of wearing shorts under your dress so you don’t feel exposed like I do.

-If you chafe anywhere else (the vast majority of us do), there are a plethora of products that help keep you dry and chafe-free, so you can really enjoy summer comfortably.

-If you want to wear tank tops but not into strapless bras in the dead of summer, try a bralette. The cute straps and designs just add to the look of your outfit, and they’re so comfortable. You can even find cute ones in all sizes at Target (other places, too, I’m sure).

-Cute swimsuits are everywhere now! Hooray! Whether you need a full-coverage, modest option, a string bikini, or something in between, there are so many places to find what you need so you can head to the pool/lake/beach looking extra cute.

Indulge in All the Fresh Food

Fall is perfect for warm, hearty foods, but summer is great for light, fresh foods. Whether you’re having a summer salad with fresh berries or cooking out with some delicious roasted corn, summer makes for some
good eatin’. But don’t stop at just cutting up a watermelon; try blending up a few fruits with some coconut water and making fresh fruit ice pops. Or make all the summer sangrias for a summer party. Have a build-your-own whatever bar and lay out all the fresh options and let people make their own concoctions! Using in-season produce is not only fresher and way more delicious, it’s also cheaper, so you can buy and indulge in more of it.

Decorate Seasonally

I’ve never been a fan of palm trees because they just make me think of the heat and sweating, and since that’s been the default summer seasonal décor for most places, I’ve just skipped decorating for summer and kept my sights set on fall (which usually starts showing up at Michaels in July). Lately, though, I’ve been seeing a change in summer decorating trends, with themes shifting to summer fruits (yum!) and cute summer animals (flamingos everywhere) on everything from dinnerware to ice pop molds to cute LED string lights. And that doesn’t include all the bright summery solid colors adorning the throw pillows and stemless wine glasses. When you decorate for summer, you can enjoy the bright, happy colors it has to offer without having to leave the comfortable air conditioning of your living room.

So, go out and enjoy the world as the (self) tanned goddess you are in your short shorts and tank top eating all the watermelon and corn and then come home to your flamingo adorned home and be your happiest self because the summer lasts way too long (in Texas, at least) to be miserable the entire time.



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