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Swimwear for “Problem Areas” – Back Fat

One of the most exciting or most daunting (depending on who you ask) parts about summer is getting a new swimsuit. There are so many to choose from now, in almost every size and style range, that it’s much easier to find styles you like for your body.

We almost all struggle from body image issues, whether other people notice them or not, and that includes people in the body positive community. Let me preface this post by saying that my own body insecurities are mine with my body. I almost never see them as flaws in others nor do I usually even notice them on others. Flaws are subjective.

One of my “problem areas” is my back fat. I’ve pretty much always had it, but it’s definitely something I’ve become more self-conscious of recently. Because of this, I’ve noticed when swimsuits look like they cover up or go over back fat or if they accentuate it. That being said, here’s my wish list of swimsuits that meet my needs.

If you’d like me to do more posts like this where I find swimsuits for other “problem areas”, let me know, because I would be happy to!

Tankini Tops

If you prefer to have your stomach covered, tankinis are a great option. They offer more coverage without the awkwardness of having to almost completely strip down to go to the restroom. The also cover most of your back and since they sit above the back fat zone (BFZ), no worries of it coming out.

Bikini Tops

Hooray for bikinis for bigger girls! While not all bikini tops are made equally, these (and quite a few others I found on these websites) have a nice wide back band to cover the BFZ which also helps with support for the girls.

Ultimately, it’s no one’s business what you decide is a “problem area” and how you decide to disguise, camouflage, or cover it up. Wear what makes you comfortable in your own skin and try not to let anyone’s opinions dictate what you do or don’t wear.

You deserve to be happy and comfortable this summer, whatever that means for you.


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