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My Apologies

Currently, we are halfway through July already (wow and thank goodness) and my blog posting has dropped in frequency quite drastically. Where I was posting twice a week before, I’ve dropped down to once a week, at best. Sometimes less.

I want to apologize for that. And explain myself.

We are in the middle of the hottest week we’ve had so far this summer, with temps in the triple digits for the foreseeable future, and heat indexes even higher, it to drop into the high 90s. If you’ve ever been to north Texas, you know that it’s not just the high temperatures we have to deal with – there’s also the suffocating humidity. What could be a bearable, balmy summer turns into an oppressive season where you sweat as soon as you step outside and you can’t catch a full breath because it feels like someone is sitting on your chest. Plus, bugs.

So, there’s that.


But that’s not just it. I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious that I don’t like summer. I never really have except that it meant a break from getting up early for school. Mind you, it wasn’t actually going to school that I didn’t like – I just hated (and still hate) having to get up early.

The sun and the heat make me grumpy. The way that some people get when it’s rainy and/or overcast – “dreary” if you will – is how I get when the sun is out. I always thought I was just weird, because I remember being in school and looking out the window and thinking it was cloudy and just being so happy, but then as soon as I saw the sun come out, it made me sad.

As it turns out, not only is my best friend this same way (and so was my mom), this is a pretty common occurrence among people; especially creative people. It’s Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD – or seasonal depression), which most people get during the bleak, cold days of winter when the sun isn’t out; but we get it when the sun is out too much.

So that’s why I haven’t been posting lately; the sun and the heat not only zap my energy (that I need for just getting through the day), but it also steals my creativity and motivation. Even if I don’t leave my apartment, I find it hard to want to be productive at all, choosing instead to sit on the couch in my PJ’s playing games on my phone and scrolling through Pinterest to see how other people are being creative.

Currently, my laptop is covered in the miscellaneous office supplies I pulled out of my drawers in an effort to organize, and just lost motivation in the middle of that project and haven’t started up again because I don’t feel like cleaning. So we’ve come full-circle really. And also, that’s how my whole craft room and most of my apartment looks. Because instead of being like a normal adult who has to at least finish one project before they either start on another, or before they go to bed, I just leave stuff out causing people (mainly my husband) to trip on it. Sorry, Shane!

And the only reason I had the motivation to organize and go through stuff last week, was because it was rainy and overcast almost all week. It was still hot, don’t get me wrong, but the clouds made it bearable.


Creatively, my head is already in fall. I’m ready to start my fall crafting and decorating. I’m ready to start the fall fashion blog posts. I’m ready to make the fall recipes. I’m ready to watch the fall movies and be cool and drink and eat all the pumpkin things and rate them (good idea, me!).

I can’t even be motivated to be indignant enough about what’s going on in the world to write about that because that requires me to do more research (I refuse to write about something I’ve not researched myself) because I don’t have enough extra energy to spare that isn’t being used up by attempting to keep my apartment somewhat decent, work, grocery shop, and cook meals. Which, yes, I know are things that people do on the regular plus a billion other things.

So that’s why I haven’t been and don’t usually post much during the summer. And unless I have a sudden spark of creativity or motivation that isn’t already reserved for things other than blogging, you’ll be seeing much less of me until at least August. Possibly September.


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