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Summer Favorites

I keep hearing people refer to it as “the middle of summer” and I have to stop myself from shouting at the radio, “NO! It’s practically autumn!” And then I stop and remember that summer technically lasts until September 21st, even though it starts in my head at the beginning of August. I drag shit out, y’all; the things I love, at least.

With that being said, I’ve already gone ahead and wrapped up my summer posts with my favorites being the last. I’ve had a chance to accumulate a handful of favorites over the last 2.5 months, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Also, before get started, I just wanted to remind you to go check out my last post to read about and enter my giveaway.

Almay Liquid Eyeliner

I borrowed Kristin’s makeup a few months ago when I randomly spent the night at her house, and I was actually really nervous to try the eyeliner because I’ve never had great experiences with liquid eyeliner. When I put it on, it was surprisngly easy to apply and it lasted about 12 hours before I finally took it off. I loved that it didn’t transfer to my eyelids because with oily skin and hooded eyelids, that happens constantly. I also didn’t use primer on my lids because Kristin has perfect skin and she doesn’t use it, so I was at her makeup mercy. Since then, I’ve bought it and refuse to wear anything else. It’s my new favorite cosmetic product.

The Bold Type

I actually did an entire blog post on this show that you can read here. The season two finale just aired Tuesday, but since it’s Tuesday as I’m writing this, I haven’t seen it yet. I’m super excited and sad, because I love every episode, but also I don’t want to have to wait until next summer for it to come back on.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Shane and I started watching this show a few weeks ago and though it took us a few episodes to appreciate the humor, it’s quickly become our new favorite show to watch together. I honestly couldn’t pick my favorite character, but the actors all bring something so fun and different to their ensemble. Plus, I love that the jokes don’t come at the expense of a particular group of people, while still be hilarious and relatable. We just finished season two and are so thankful NBC picked it up when Fox decided to let it go.

Freddy’s/Andy’s Frozen Custard

I guess I’d never had frozen custard before, because this was freaking life changing. I drive past Freddy’s at least twice a week when I take my niece to her cheer practices, but I had never really thought much about trying it until Kristin found out there’s an Andy’s right down the road from her new house. My niece finally convinced me to at least go through the drive-thru of Freddy’s and I got the best damn vanilla cone I’ve ever had in my life. So then when Kristin finally took me to Andy’s, I had to get a concrete (custard with toppings mixed in) and it was seriously just as delicious and smooth and creamy. If you’re an ice cream person, I highly suggest finding a good frozen custard place near you. Worth it.


I’ve had my Crock-Pot for probably close to seven years now; I think Shane gave it to me for our second Christmas together, right before we got our first apartment together. I’ve obviously used it plenty of times throughout the last seven years, but it wasn’t until about two or three weeks ago that I used it almost everyday for two weeks. It was getting 109+ degrees here almost every single day, and our electricity bill for July is already astronomical, so the cost of that plus just not wanting to make the whole apartment even hotter than it already is had me using the easiest method of cooking a full dinner that I could. Plus, it forced me to cook at home way more instead of eating out which was another money saving bonus.

George Foreman Grill

I’ve had this for years (before the wedding, I think) and like the Crock-Pot, I’ve used it on and off throughout that time, but it didn’t become a staple in my kitchen until these past few months. It’s so simple to use, and thanks to my meat thermometer, it’s been so easy to meat perfectly. One of the downsides to living in an apartment is definitely not being able to have a grill, so this helps when I just want to grill up a few pieces of chicken to toss in a salad.

Copy Me That app

This is one that Kristin turned me on to (surprise, surprise) and it’s made my life exponentially easier. Copy Me That is a cookbook/meal planning/shopping list app. You import recipes from Pinterest, websites, or even add your own, and then you can add those recipes to your weekly meal planner and add the ingredients to your shopping list. If you already have some of the ingredients at home, you can just check them off your list. You can also add other things to your shopping list that don’t have anything to do with your recipes (drinks, cleaning products, etc.) and you’ve got everything right there in one handy app. It really helped me keep track of all the Crock-Pot meals I was making since most of them were things I’ve never cooked before.

ANNA Dana-20 Ballerina Flats

I found these in one of those random posts about popular things people are buying on Amazon. I had it on my list for quite a while but finally decided I needed to go ahead and get them before fall comes and I don’t have anything to wear with my cute fall outfits while I wait for it to get cold enough for boots. I wore them around Target to break them in and they are surprisingly comfortable. The only issues I had were that my left foot is about a half a size bigger than my right foot, but most shoe makers stop making half sizes after 9.5, so my left big toe kept hitting the front of the shoe. Otherwise, I like the ankle strap a lot and they just look so dang cute!

V8 +Energy Sparkling

I’m just going to say it now: this is the only energy drink I’ve ever been able to drink all of that doesn’t spike my anxiety. I had originally only tried the white grape raspberry flavor when they first came out in larger sizes about a year or two ago, but when my Aldi finally sold out of all of them, I settled for the Blackberry Cranberry and it’s just as good, if not better. Since it’s not a regular thing that Aldi carries, I bought the last ones and have sadly been drinking them as I watch them disappear. BUT! I went to Walmart on Saturday and there they were! And there was another flavor: orange pineapple. It doesn’t sound as appetizing as the other two, but considering how much I love the Blackberry Cranberry and wasn’t expecting to, I will certainly give that one a try. And they were one sale!

Wet Brush

Last, but certainly not least; my Wet Brush. As with three of the last seven things on this list, this was a recommendation from Kristin. I’d asked her if she likes hers and she told me it was the only brush she bothered using anymore. I wanted to get one because my hair is just so thick and gets knotted so easily, but they were pretty pricey considering I’m on a budget and already owned a brush. But then, as if someone was listening, I found a really cute floral one (not a requirement; just a bonus) on clearance at Target for $4! So I snatched that sucker up and I will never go back to anything else. It gets through tangles so quick and easy and even lets my pull my hair back into a ponytail or bun with no issues. I’ve never had a brush glide through my hair with such ease before. Miracles, I tell you.
As mentioned, some of these things aren’t new discoveries, but have become more important/useful to me over the past few months. Others are brand new to me, but old news to a lot of other people. What about you? Have you used any of these products before? Which one do you want to try that you hadn’t heard of or tried before? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you had an enjoyable summer, and I can’t wait to get back here with non-summer posts ASAP!


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