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Shopping My Own Closet: Fall Outfits

Every year, I like to do a Wardrobe Wishlist post, and this year was going to be no different.

There are always things I want; especially in regards to fall fashion, but this year, I decided to challenge myself and style some cute fall outfits with the clothes I already own.

I mentioned in this post earlier this year that I did a big closet clean-out and got rid of everything that didn’t bring me joy or make me excited to wear it. I kept a few things that I hadn’t worn yet, on the condition that, if I didn’t make an effort to wear it this fall/winter season, I would be getting rid of it in the spring.

I wanted to do this post as a way to make myself appreciate what I have, to get creative, and to try new looks!

I got a few new things this year from friends, clearance racks, and Poshmark, so it’ll make it even more of an exciting challenge!

Red Sweater


I got this gorgeous duster cardigan from Kristin when she was cleaning out her closet to move. It’s such a quintessentially fall piece, and I’m so excited to style it!

Olive Jeans


These were bought for me from Lane Bryant recently, and are so ridiculously comfy. You can find them here! They’re just another one of those pieces that are just perfect for fall because of the color and how you can pair them with so many solids and prints.

Mustard Top


I got this from Target on clearance a few months ago, at the insistence of Kristin. I mean, I really couldn’t say no; it was only $6. I used to think I couldn’t wear mustard, but I tried the top on, and it actually looks really good, so what ever undertone my skin is, it works.

Maroon Pants


I featured these on this favorites post from last year, and they have not stopped being one of my favorite pairs of jeans I own. I seriously dread the day that they get unfixable chub rub holes in the thighs.

White Jeans


I’ve had these for quite a while and have only been brave enough to wear them once, but I think we’ll change that this fall/winter fashion season. I just don’t think I’ll be wearing them at Thanksgiving; cranberry sauce is an unforgiving bitch.

That’s it, friends! The pictures I included all contain items similar to what I have in my own closet, so this should give me plenty of ideas for the next few months. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you absolutely should. I am @cupcakerising, and I will be posting some of these outfits as OOTD’s (outfits of the day) with my own versions. Can’t wait to show you!

Happy fall fashioning!


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