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Fall Fashion Inspo: Emma Watson

Last year I did this post with Hilary Duff’s fall street fashion and as tedious as it got to find plus size versions of her outfit, it was so fun knowing I could wear similar styles as one of my favorite celebrities.

Keeping on the same track, I decided this year I’d do Emma Watson. 

I’ve loved Emma since I was a kid (since we were kids, technically) and I first saw her in the first Harry Potter movie. I’ve kept up with her work, both on and off screen, and I find her to be such an inspiring human being and incredible person. Plus, I genuinely think we’d be good friends.

She also has such a great sense of style, on and off the red carpet. Here are some of my favorite street style looks of hers from the past decade or so, and some of those pieces in plus size, if you’re looking to emulate her style.


Top: {one} {two} | Sweater: {one} {two} | Bottoms: {one} {two}


Top: {one} {two} | Coat: {one} {two} | Bottoms: {one} {two}


Top: {one} {two} | Jacket: {one} {two} | Shorts: {one} {two} | Tights: {one} {two}


Top: {one} {two} | Coat: {one} {two} | Bottoms: {one} {two}


Top: {one} {two} | Jacket: {one} {two} | Bottoms: {one} {two}


Top: {one} {two} | Jacket: {one} {two} | Bottoms: {one} {two}


Sweater: {one} {two} | Bottoms: {one} {two}


Jacket: {one} {two} | Bottoms: {one} {two}


Sweater: {one} {two} | Jacket: {one} {two} | Shorts: {one} {two} | Tights: {one} {two}


Top: {one} {two} | Jeans: {one} {two}


Top: {one} {two} | Sweater: {one} {two} | Bottoms: {one} {two}


Top: {one} {two} | Jacket: {one} {two} | Bottoms: {one} {two}


And as a bonus, here’s a gorgeous outfit that could be any season, but I’m getting fall vibes so here’s some options for this outfit, too!

Top: {one} {two} | Skirt: {one} {two}
Phew!! That took quite a bit of work. But I hope you find some great stuff! Are you an Emma Watson fan, too? If you have some celebrities whose style you’d like me to find normal-people-accessible pieces to wear, let me know and I’ll see what I can find. Or, if you just have a particular outfit (Pinterest, etc.), send it to me!

Happy shopping!


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