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My Christmas Wish List

I was in a panic when our friends asked Shane for a list of what I wanted for my birthday in October. Sure, there are always things I want, but I don’t ever remember them off the top of my head. I finally made myself stop and write out a short, budget-friendly list of things I would genuinely like to receive. I’ve modified it a little for my Christmas list, but here’s my Christmas wish list for 2018.

Cards Against Humanity

I always have a blast when I’m playing this with friends. It’s hilarious, semi-competitive, and can get wildly inappropriate in the best way. Shane and I have a collection of board and card games we don’t play nearly as much as we’d like to, but I’m keen to add this one to our collection. Honestly, though, I’d be happy with any game like this.

Adult Coloring Books

My mom was always a huge proponent for coloring as a form of therapy long before adult coloring books were popular. I remember teasing her about how hipster she sounded when she mentioned it. I have a handful of books with different pictures and patterns, and I have an exploding bin of crayons, colored pencils, and markers. There are some nights when I love nothing more than lying on my bed with a comfort movie on, coloring in my coloring books.

New Phone Case and Popsocket

I used to have multiple cases for my S7, sometimes buying different ones for the season. When I switched to my S9+, I bought a clear case to show off the pretty purple color of my phone, and transferred my Hufflepuff Popsocket to it. It got old pretty quickly so when I found a Speck case on clearance at Walmart for $10, I bought it immediately. Unfortunately I can’t use a Popsocket with this case, which has been weird for me considering how much I relied on them last year. I love my Speck case, but it would be nice to have a Popsocket again.

Black TOMS

I run my TOMS into the ground. Seriously, I’m still wearing a pair that has a whole in the right pinky toe area because they’re still good shoes otherwise. I love them. I would love to have multiple colors, but black are the most practical for my everyday wear, so that’s the color I’m asking for this year. If you’ve got wide feet like I do, they can be a little tough to break in, but once you do, they’re crazy comfortable. Plus, I love knowing that buying them contributes to a good cause.

Koffie Straws

This has actually been a random thing on my list for a while. KoffieStraw is a company that designed food-safe silicon straws that fit into to-go coffee cups and sit at the back of your mouth to help prevent teeth staining/yellowing. I’m experiencing the yellowing pretty bad right now between my everyday coffee consumption and my new love for red wine, plus I usually try to use reusable straws when I’m drinking water since the cold hurts my sensitive front teeth. And since they’re bent a la bendy straws, they’re helpful for people with disabilities that keep them from being able to consume liquids otherwise. Bonus: They have different colors and come with a straw brush to clean them.

Electric Wine Opener

As I said before, I’ve started getting into red wine, which means I need a corkscrew to get into my bottles. I bought one from Total Wine or Walmart or somewhere for probably $2 and it broke the first time I used it. Now, I won’t blame it on the product itself, though it was pretty flimsy, and will admit that it was likely user error, but regardless of who’s really to blame, I now have no wine opener. Sad. So instead of making that mistake again, I’m asking for one this year.

Anything Amber Scented

Candles are perfume are always so hard to buy for someone unless you know the exact scent and brand they like. Shane is easy, because if I like it, he’ll wear it. I, on the other hand, am pretty picky. I don’t do floral scents because they make my head hurt and make me sneeze, and am otherwise just pretty picky about scents in and around my body and home. Amber scents, however, are almost always a yes for me. I love the richness and depth of the fragrance and I think it goes with anything at any time of the year. I think my love started when my sister gave me a Sensual Amber kit from Bath and Body Works for my 18th birthday and I used it in San Francisco. Either way, it’s my favorite and I’ve even had people tell me it reminds them of me.

Essential Oil Diffuser

I know EO’s are mildly controversial, but I absolutely think they’re wonderful when used the right way. Currently I’m loving using lavender and a lavender and peppermint combo in my small on in my bedroom for the evening. It’s really calming and has been helping me sleep so deeply. Sadly, though, since it’s small, it only holds a few drops of oil to the amount of water it takes, so I can’t do some of the blends that I’d like to try. If you’re looking for a small one, here‘s the one that I have currently.
That’s it, y’all. That’s my Christmas wish list. Obviously there are more things that I’d like (because there always are) but these are things that I think are reasonable to ask for, and helpful for someone looking to get me a gift that they know I’ll actually want.

What’s on your wish list this year? I’d love to know! Look for some gift idea lists coming soon, too.


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