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Christmas Doesn’t Have to End on December 25th

I have really been struggling this year with feeling like the season is going too fast. It always does every year, but this year is worse than usual, and that’s even with me starting to listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies on November 1st. So, what’s a girl to do?

Keep it Christmas into January!

Our apartment complex just changed ownership in July, so a lot of renovations and upgrades are going on all around the place, including the exterior of our building. The problem? We can’t hang outside lights or otherwise decorate outside, so that’s already strike one for my Christmas spirit levels. I love Christmas lights. In addition to that, though, is the fact that we had to move all our outdoor furniture inside (all being just two tables and two chairs), and the only free spot we had for it is the spot where the Christmas tree goes, so it didn’t go up until last weekend in our bedroom.

My best friend Kristin – who you probably know if you’ve been reading this for any length of time – keeps her decorations up until Valentine’s Day. She says it’s just too sad to take them down. I don’t think I can go that long since I’m usually tired of it all by the week after the New Year, but this year it’s getting drug out.

It also helps that we’re not doing Christmas celebrations with my sisters until after Christmas Day, and we’re doing Christmas with Shane’s side of the family at our place.

giphy (2)

But the Christmas season has always been my favorite. It has always been more fun to me than the actual day. And there is absolutely no reason that I have to stop enjoying the warmth and peace and joy of the season, just because the day has passed. I fully plan on shopping post-Christmas clearance sales and probably putting out new decor, too.

So if you come to visit me at my apartment at some point in January, don’t be surprised to see my Christmas tree still up, lighted garland on the mantel, and our stockings still hung with care. Besides, January is hard enough as it is. Why not just keep the merry going?


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