2019, Work

“The Hustle” Isn’t for Everyone… And That’s Okay

In my last post, I mentioned looking for a new job, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve found one! Yay! I won’t say where for, ya know, privacy reasons, but it’s a company for which I’m very excited to work.

It’s also a typical “9-5” type job at a desk, inside an office building, and the type of work I will be doing is “support staff”/administrative type work.

Honestly, I. Am. PUMPED about it. And I feel like that’s kind of a far-cry from the “hustler” and “boss lady” mentality that has all but consumed our (the millennial) generation. But that works for me. And it’s okay if you’re more partial to it, too.

In my interview, we talked about the position and what I would be doing in the role, and we talked about how I felt about the work and how I saw myself in that position. I mentioned to them that this generation is all about being your own boss and having side hustles, and that, while that works for some people (and more power to them – that shit is hard), it’s really not for me.

I enjoy supporting others. I enjoy being someone’s go-to for help and support. I enjoy helping make the dreams of others a reality. Yes, I have things I love to do outside of work – crafting and baking and such – but these are things I do for fun and to relax and to just enjoy myself and my time. They aren’t things I want to make a living doing. Or try to make a living doing.

I need to have a routine and stability and security. I need to work somewhere with a guaranteed paycheck and benefits (insurance, at the very least). I need to know that my success (whatever that means for me) is based on my ability to do the job well and not reliant directly upon someone’s ability or desire to pay.

I also feel like the “hustler” mentality has people feeling like they can’t ever enjoy things or they’re constantly missing out on life because they’re so busy trying to make their dreams a reality. It’s got people justifying missing important life events and milestones because they’re working non-stop. Don’t get me wrong, work is an important aspect of life, and we all have bills to pay, but there’s got to be some balance. It’s not okay to feel like you’re stretched so thin that you only get to be home to eat and sleep, just to get up and do it all over again the next day.

Obviously there is an element of privilege I have, being able to say “don’t work so much and enjoy life more”. Some people don’t have the benefit of being able to miss work or work less because of the financial situation they’re in.

If you enjoy the hustle and you enjoy the work, by all means, keep at it. Like I said, more power to you. But if you have the option, and you don’t enjoy it, it’s okay to not. It’s okay to want to work a 9-5. It’s okay to want to be the behind-the-scenes person who helps make the dreams of others a reality. If it weren’t for those people, the hustlers wouldn’t be able to thrive. Each of us brings something different to the table, and that’s okay.


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