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Plus Size Activewear for Summer

Hi friends!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m back (for now) and I thought it was a good time to do a post about activewear for summer. It’s not officially summer yet, but it’s getting there.

Even if you exercise indoors, it still sucks to be going to the gym in a big shirt and long leggings. One of my favorite parts about working out during the fall and winter (and spring usually too) is the nice blast of cool air when you walk outside. Unfortunately, working out in summer is just going from hot to hotter.

I have feelings about summer. You all should know this by now.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a pretty good collection of summer activewear ideas to help keep you going even when you sweat more just walking inside before your workout even begins.

Tank Tops

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easier to just grab an old t-shirt and call it good. The problem with that, is that t-shirts are usually cotton and cotton during a workout is a no-no. Cotton holds onto moisture and the last thing you need when you’re working up a sweat is for your clothes to be holding on to it. Not only does it feel gross and heavy, but damp clothes = chafing.

Wear a tank top with an empowering message on the front, or a cute pattern, or a really cool opening in the back, if a plain racerback tank doesn’t match your speed. Also, if you got a cute new sports bra that has fun straps in the back, you can kind of show it off!


I feel like shorts, especially for anyone whose thighs touch, are an immediate no-no when it comes to working out or doing much of anything in summer (ironic, right?), but the trend toward wearing “biker” style shorts or something that has a tighter layer against the skin that can help against chafing can do wonders. Plus, it keeps you cool, which, again, is why we’re here.

If you’re focusing on upper body muscle building/toning or doing something that doesn’t require a lot of friction-building in the thigh region, you could probably even get away with just a comfy pair of athletic or running shorts.

Strappy Sports Bra

In general, strappy sports bras tend to be reserved for low to medium-impact workouts as they don’t provide much support but sometimes a cute sports bra with an interesting strappy back design can make those lifting days just a tad more fun.

I really like wearing ones that are cut so they show off the tattoo on my shoulder, but I would love to get more. …sports bras and tattoos. Even though you can’t see it without some serious maneuvering in front of a mirror, just knowing you’re wearing your cute bra and tank top makes so much difference in your workout. It seems silly and maybe even a little frivolous, but when you feel good, you do well.

Athletic Sandals

Whether you’re a diehard Chaco lover or more of a Teva fan, or even if you prefer another brand, it’s hard to argue with the popularity and usefulness of these sandals.

Seen on many a sorority girl nationwide (or maybe even worldwide, IDK) as of late, it seems like these sandals are everywhere, which is helpful when it comes to finding a pair that fits both your budget and your foot.

Most gyms don’t let you wear open-toed shoes while working out unless you have a doctors note, but why not take advantage of the warm weather (assuming it’s a bearable temperature where you live) and go for a walk outside. If you get the right sandals, you could wear them to the lake or the beach or even the pool. They’re much more comfortable and easier to wear than flip flops, and if you’re going for a hike or a walk, they’ll keep your feet cool.
So, before I wrap this up, let me go ahead and write on this.
I’m sure you’ve seen the news recently about the plus size mannequin in the Nike store in London and the backlash Nike has received over it.

If the reactions of a particular writer from a particular “conservative news source” (who shall remain nameless) surprised you, you’re either not fat or you’ve been living a blissfully ignorant life. If the latter happens to be true, please don’t read the rest of this and don’t Google any of this; just continue to live your beautifully blissful life.

Fat people, and I’m really writing from my own fat white female perspective here, have always been told that they aren’t okay. That their lives aren’t worth anything unless they’re ashamed of themselves and are working to lose weight to fit a relatively archaic ideal of beauty. This holds true in literally every aspect of our lives. Skinny girl eating a burger everyday for lunch? “Oh, let her enjoy it, she’s so small she could probably use a few burgers.” A fat person doing the same? “That’s disgusting. Ever heard of a salad?” And it’s not just about food. It could be about anything from taking the stairs versus the elevator, what we wear, where we go, how quick or slow we are.

Just recently, I had a friend post on Facebook that an old lady was talking to her and her two small children in Target when she told my friend’s 7-month-old baby “a good way to help [her] is to crawl all around at home so [she has] to chase [her] and [she] has to lose weight.” LIke, this lady didn’t even know my friend, which means she doesn’t know how much she’s struggled to lose weight, the anxiety she has being in public because of it, or the fact that she’s lost (and is losing) quite a bit already.

And here’s the thing – you don’t owe anyone your health. Let me repeat that and reword it slightly – WE, AS HUMANS, DO NOT OWE ANYONE OUR HEALTH. You are not more or less worthy because of your relationship with gravity, how much physical space you take up, whether you have diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol or all or none of those things. Your value and worth is not determined by your health and you should be treated as such.

That being said, if society wants us fat people to stop existing and just get skinny already (because it’s that easy, right?), then why the actual fuck are you mad that workout clothes are being made for us? It’s almost like you want us to not be fat, but you don’t want us to be seen in the interim… oh wait… I see…

So go forth, enjoy your summer workouts, wear cute clothes, stay cool, and remember you have inherent worth and dignity because you’re a human being and that you don’t owe anyone anything.


2 thoughts on “Plus Size Activewear for Summer”

  1. BRAVO on your ending comments!! There are so many judging assuming types out there. We as human being should be lifting each other up always not the opposite.


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