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I Switched from a Samsung Galaxy to an iPhone: A Memoir

Yeah, yeah, the title is dramatic. Whatevs. But honestly, people make the switch from Android in general to Apple seem that dramatic.

Here are my thoughts.

So, let me preface this by saying I don’t really know specs. I don’t know battery life and number of pixels and all that. I just know features and things I like, so if you’re here looking for the technical side of my Samsung Galaxy S9+ versus my iPhone Xs Max… this is not the review you’re looking for.

Get it? It’s a Star Wars reference. Because I’m about to have to watch all the Star Wars movies thanks to Disney+ and my husband.


First of all, to act like it’s hugely life-changing to switch from a Galaxy to an iPhone is a gross overstatement. It’s not a huge switch. Not as huge as people make it seem, anyway. Part of that could be because I’m relatively familiar with Apple products. But there are some noticeable differences, but I have to say, since some new features rolled out with iOS 13, there are a lot more similarities to the Galaxy now.

Swipe to Text

This was a feature I had on my Galaxy that I loved. It just made it so easy to text one-handed. At first, before I got iOS 13, it was hard to get used to not having it, but as soon as it rolled out, I was swiping away like nothing had changed.

No Home Button

So, the way iPhones are set up now without the Home button is definitely different than the Galaxy, but I got used to not having a physical Home button on my S9+. It really doesn’t make that much of a difference, and if anything, the ability to swipe that bottom bar to get back and forth between apps is super handy.

Wireless Charging

The first Christmas that I had my S9+, my sister got me a wireless charging pad for it. The concept is super cool and it’s really handy to have in my home office/art room while I’m working, since it’s likely just sitting there. Having wireless charging on my Xs Max is super handy because it allows me to change at least one fewer charger in my apartment and still have the handy capability of setting my phone down on the desk and letting it charge while I surf the internet work.

Here’s What the S9+ Did Better

Low-Light Pictures

It is my understanding that the iPhone 11 has a great low-light camera and I’ve seen low-light pictures from the 11 Pro and they’re amazing, so good job on that upgrade, but sadly my Xs Max missed that memo. Yeah, I could have waited until the 11 Pro came out to get my iPhone, but I didn’t want to. Whatever. Anyway, the daytime camera is phenomenal on the Xs Max and is apparently more color-accurate than the Samsung, but darker shots aren’t as great.

Scheduling Texts

This seems like such a small thing because who really needs to schedule texts, but it was a nice feature to have when I needed to make sure to remind Shane about something before he goes to work without having to wake up early, or to text someone “Happy Birthday” at midnight without having to actually be awake then. Is that cheating? Maybe. Was I the first to tell them happy birthday? Yes. So I won. Fight me.


It was super easy to download tones and set custom ring and notification tones on my Galaxy. Or any Android, for that matter. I looked up how to do it on the iPhone, but it takes connecting the phone to iTunes on the computer, and wouldn’t you know it, the latest version of iTunes on my computer (or Apple Music or whatever it is now) doesn’t recognize my phone no matter how many times I update it or delete it and redownload it. Me thinks it’s a ploy by Apple to get me to buy a Macbook and boy are they wearing me down.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that it’s because of the security on my iPhone and the limitations of third-party apps to infiltrate and harm my device and get all my secrets and stuff, but I just want to set Kristin’s ringtone as the Friends theme without having to pay for it. Is that so much to ask?!

Here’s What the iPhone Does Better

iPhone to iPhone Communication

Let me just say, it was so SO nice being able to text my sister and best friend during my flight from DFW to Orlando when I was going to Disney a few weeks ago. I paid for in-flight WiFi since it was a direct flight, and being able to communicate with them thanks to iMessage (and Shane via Facebook Messenger) was seriously so nice.

I love knowing that, as long as I have a WiFi connection, I can still get in touch with the people I need, because there are still a surprising number of places I find myself that have poor reception.

Plus, being able to send and receive things like videos and photos and know that they’re getting there with the same quality that they were taken is amazing. Because Android compresses videos and photos in order to send them, I spent years getting super pixelated videos of my niece cheering or Kristin’s oldest doing something adorable. It’s just not the same, let me tell you.

Apple Watch

I had a Galaxy Watch just before I got my iPhone. I think it was Shane’s last ditch effort to convince me to keep my Galaxy, but obviously it didn’t work.

Before I even got my iPhone, though, after I had already made up my mind I was going to get it, he got me a used Apple Watch from one of his friends because he knew how attached I had gotten to the Galaxy one.

The Apple Watch is better; let me just start there. So, the watch face on the Galaxy watch (G.W. from here on out because I’m tired of typing it) is bigger and can accomodate a whole T9 keyboard, but honestly, that’s where the benefits stop. My Apple Watch has so many more usable apps and just does more.

For instance, Facebook Messenger is mine and Shane’s main method of communication when we’re not home together. I mean, even when we are, we still use it. Don’t act like you don’t text your S.O. that you need toilet paper. Whatever. Anyway, with the G.W., I could only respond to or read texts if I had just gotten the notification. With the A.W., I can read previous messages, and send new ones, along with setting a timer, making note that I’ve started or ended my period on the P Tracker app for the A.W., check my Bank Account, and even pay for my Starbucks. And those are just a few things. It makes me take full use of my A.W. like I couldn’t and didn’t with the G.W.

Face ID Is Pretty Cool

I don’t have much to say on this except that I like being able to look at my phone and unlock it and I get really annoyed (major first world problem) when it doesn’t recognize my face because I have sunglasses on.

All the Accessories

This is such a superficial thing to be excited about, but it’s nice to be able to go almost anywhere and find a case or other accessories for my phone. Despite being a relatively popular phone and brand, it was still next to impossible to find cases and other accessories for my Galaxy, even at the holiest of holy places, Target. Especially there, actually.
That’s it. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the whole iPhone versus Android debate. Would I got back to a Samsung? Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m not changing phones any time soon. I want to get my money’s worth because I paid a LOT for this dude.

I can see how people prefer one over the other, and if I was a tech spec person, I probably would have stronger opinions, but as it currently stands, I loved my Galaxy S9+ and now my husband is loving it, and I love my iPhone Xs Max and that’s pretty much that.

I am interested in getting an iPad and maybe even a Macbook someday down the line just to see how streamlined it all is, but in the meantime, I’m happy with what I’ve got.


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