Spring Business Casual Looks: Plus Size Edition

I currently work at a place where I’m required to wear a uniform, bu I’ve loved business casual style ever since I briefly worked at Lane Bryant and we were required to dress in it. Shortly after I left, I started working as a receptionist for a company with a pretty lax dress code, so…

Spring Fashion Crush

The last time I did a spring fashion wishlist post was about two years ago. Not surprisingly, I never skip an opportunity to do a fall fashion post and even did multiple this past autumn. I did this post almost two years ago, and, because we’re all always evolving, things have kind of… changed.

2017 Favorites

I’ve accumulated quite a few things over the year. Here are my favorites of my favorites.

Outfit Ideas for Every Holiday Party

When I was a kid and I’d see adults at Christmas parties on TV and in movies, I just assumed that’s how my life would end up. I figured, as an adult, I’d go to all these fancy holiday parties and drink cocktails and schmooze. Well, suffice it to say, that’s not what happened. At least not…