My Mid-Year Resolution – Finish Things, Dammit!

I am terrible at finishing things. There, I said it. Wrote it. Whatever.

I have a really bad habit of starting a project and not seeing it through to completion. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s something I’m particularly excited about or it’s fall or winter and the weather is nice, I can usually find it in me to get it done.

But even then, this would explain why I have a about five different unfinished novels and countless craft projects in my room right now.

Also, yes, I’m just now figuring this out about myself. Hence, the mid-year resolution: finish things, dammit! Continue reading “My Mid-Year Resolution – Finish Things, Dammit!”


My Apologies

Currently, we are halfway through July already (wow and thank goodness) and my blog posting has dropped in frequency quite drastically. Where I was posting twice a week before, I’ve dropped down to once a week, at best. Sometimes less.

I want to apologize for that. And explain myself. Continue reading “My Apologies”

Stop Asking Women When They’re Having Kids

With this month having been Mother’s Day, I thought it was an appropriate time to bring this subject up again. I understand the inherent curiosity regarding children and when or if someone plans to have them, but unless someone brings up the subject, it’s never okay to ask when they’re having kids.

In fact, let me just say it loud and clear for everyone right now: stop asking couples – and women in particular – when or if they’re having kids. Just completely stop.

Continue reading “Stop Asking Women When They’re Having Kids”

No is a complete sentence.

I’ve gotten myself into so many tough spots because I didn’t want to say no to someone. Not because I didn’t feel like I was allowed to or because I was afraid of what would happen if I did, but because I didn’t want to let someone down. I didn’t want to hurt their feelings or disappoint them. But then, when I agreed to something that I couldn’t follow through with, I actually did let them down, and I became anxious about it and distraught. Continue reading “No is a complete sentence.”