January/February Favorites

January was a short month as far as new favorite products go, so I figured combining January and February would work better. Here’s my random list of favorites from the last two months.  Continue reading “January/February Favorites”


My Favorite Comfort Movies

There are times when I’m craving comfort and want nothing more than to watch one of these movies and curl up on the couch or in bed for a shot of familiarity. Most of my comfort movies are from my childhood/teen years, or they’re ones I watched or mutually enjoyed with my mom. Some are ones that I identify with or that just seem so cozy. Either way, sometimes movie nights are best done with movies that you already know will bring you peace and make you happy.

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2017 Favorites

I’ve accumulated quite a few things over the year. Here are my favorites of my favorites. Continue reading “2017 Favorites”


10 Gift Cards I’d Love to Receive

Gift cards have a reputation of being a bit of an unoriginal gift. Generally they’re associated with the giver not taking time to really consider what the receiver would want, or that they waited too long to get a gift so they’re just going to the “Gift Card Mall” at the grocery store. And I get it. If someone asked you what you want, and you took the time and effort to make a concise list keeping a budget in mind, and they still just got you a generic gift card, you wonder what the point was in putting all the time and effort into it. And you don’t want to seem ungrateful, because they didn’t have to get you anything at all!

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My Top 10 Christmas Songs

People always hate on Christmas music every year. There was even a study, apparently, that says listening to non-stop Christmas music can stress you out and/or make you sick of Christmas. I only know this because I’ve been told about it by a few people on a few occasions. But that will not stop me from listening to it. It’s happy, festive, and always puts me in a good mood. Continue reading “My Top 10 Christmas Songs”