5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Everyone has those little things about themselves that not everyone knows, right? Not huge, deep, dark secrets, but little things that most people probably wouldn’t judge you for, but that you’ve never really thought about mentioning. Here are five of mine that are mostly pretty silly, but hopefully new to those that don’t know me super well. Enjoy!

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I’m An Introvert, But I’m Not Shy

I feel like, when people talk about being introverted, people assume they’re saying they’re shy. Generally it’s the girl with a hoodie and glasses on, reading a book in the corner, hiding from people. She doesn’t like to interact with others and is the quiet one in class who never says anything.

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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Every year for Thanksgiving, I decide that I’m going to wear something adorable. I plan, for at least two months to buy something specifically to wear to my family’s Thanksgiving celebration, and then the week of Thanksgiving arrives, and I’m stuck scrounging through my closet for an outfit worthy of snapping a few pictures with my always adorable sisters. There are three of them and they’re always dressed to the nines for family holiday celebrations. And not that it’s a competition or anything, but if you have siblings you know that everything is a competition, even if you are the best of friends.

This year will be no different as years past. I failed to buy something in time and will be scrambling, this whole week, to find something that is A. Cute enough, and B. I haven’t worn in the past. Luckily, I do have some cute fall pieces in my closet (and dirty clothes basket) that I’ve acquired over the year from which to choose, but then that begs the question of how to put it all together so I look as adorable as my Pinterest boards say I will if I wear the clothes.

I have very finely cultivated (pinned on Pinterest) a collection of adorable outfits that are perfect for Thanksgiving with families and with things you most likely have in your closet already (or can find easily at the store).

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