Why I Love Valentine’s Day

Every year I feel like we’re inundated with “Cupid is Stupid” and “I Hate Valentine’s Day” rhetoric from one side, and “Diamonds are forever” and “Give her a Valentine’s gift she’ll really love; a car” from the other. Two very extreme messages, each from sides that love to tell you how terrible the other side is.

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My Favorite Comfort Movies

There are times when I’m craving comfort and want nothing more than to watch one of these movies and curl up on the couch or in bed for a shot of familiarity. Most of my comfort movies are from my childhood/teen years, or they’re ones I watched or mutually enjoyed with my mom. Some are ones that I identify with or that just seem so cozy. Either way, sometimes movie nights are best done with movies that you already know will bring you peace and make you happy.

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