2017 Favorites

I’ve accumulated quite a few things over the year. Here are my favorites of my favorites. Continue reading “2017 Favorites”


Resolutions – Guest Blogger Post


Sometimes that word can bring in a sense of hope and change; a new beginning.

Sometimes that word can be so loaded and heavy.

Some people make them, and some people don’t.

I have always been one of those who do, but this year I am going to turn the typical sense that the word “resolutions” gives you, on its head.

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My Words for 2018

As I mentioned last year in this post, my mom used to encourage us every year to think of our word for the year that represents what we want to achieve, have more of, or focus on throughout the year. Even though my mother is gone now, I still want to keep the tradition alive, as I feel it’s important to have something as simple as a word to focus on especially when life gets overwhelming.

This year I’ve decided on two separate words that I feel really are important to me and describe what I want to focus on. Continue reading “My Words for 2018”

10 Gift Cards I’d Love to Receive

Gift cards have a reputation of being a bit of an unoriginal gift. Generally they’re associated with the giver not taking time to really consider what the receiver would want, or that they waited too long to get a gift so they’re just going to the “Gift Card Mall” at the grocery store. And I get it. If someone asked you what you want, and you took the time and effort to make a concise list keeping a budget in mind, and they still just got you a generic gift card, you wonder what the point was in putting all the time and effort into it. And you don’t want to seem ungrateful, because they didn’t have to get you anything at all!

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Christmas Eve Traditions

Whether you have a big family, kids, parents and in-laws, or none of that, the holidays are a great time to start or continue traditions.

Traditions help us feel connected to the holiday and give us a sense of comfort when things get overwhelming. Here are a few of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions, past and present, that I love and plan to carry with me for as long as I can. Continue reading “Christmas Eve Traditions”