I Am a Nerd Like My Parents Before Me

Do you ever have those moments where you’re like, “I really am a product of my raising”? It doesn’t have to be a parent’s influence; it could be a guardian or even a grandparent or aunt that you were really close to whose habits or interests or mannerisms you’ve adopted as your own. My mom…

Living My Words: January

I’ve heard a lot of people say that January seemed to drag on forever, but I really didn’t feel that way. To be honest, I can’t believe we’re already a twelfth of the way through 2018. 

My Favorite Comfort Movies

There are times when I’m craving comfort and want nothing more than to watch one of these movies and curl up on the couch or in bed for a shot of familiarity. Most of my comfort movies are from my childhood/teen years, or they’re ones I watched or mutually enjoyed with my mom. Some are…

Being UU: Chalica

Tomorrow marks the first day of Chalica for 2017, and this year, I will be celebrating/observing the Unitarian Universalist holiday.